Catfish kik names

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We can all learn a lot from walking a mile in someone else's shoes. In this case, the shoes were high heels, and the "walking" was only digital. Redditor ComfyRug, aka John Cooper, had an idea for an experiment — he would pose as a "hot chick" on the messaging app Kikand would then post the on Reddit's truecreepyPMs subreddit.

This self-described "middle of the road kind of guy" anticipated some attention based on his fake persona, but was far from fully prepared for the realities that often come with being a woman in the digital world. Here are Cooper's biggest takeaways about online harassment, which he shared with MTV News via. The point of Cooper's experiment initially was to prove that personal messages IRL weren't as bad as this subreddit made it out to be.

Catfish kik names

Cooper anticipated a few unwanted penis pictures, but he was not prepared for the volume. One guy went as far as to send three, all featuring different d--ks. Cooper admits to catfish kik names doing it once prior to this experience, as a joke to one of his buddies.

Alcohol, probably. Cooper decided on the fake hot girl name "Monica," but it didn't matter since no one used it. Instead people opted to call him "baby," "sexy" or "beautiful. What offended Cooper the most was when a guy said that all the d--k pic-related harassment was his or her own fault. Cooper asked the creep to stop messaging, a request that he did not honor. This jerk probably thought Monica was being shrill, but Cooper felt that he didn't have any other option.

As a part of his experiment, Cooper tested what he could get away with as a hot girl, pretending to be racist, ignorant and downright awful. Shockingly, most of the people messaging were able to overlook the offensive conversations and press on to more important matters -- requesting naked pictures. Cooper purposefully chose a picture that was attractive and showed "a little cleavage.

Catfish kik names

To put it plainly, he got slut-shamed. He met people whom he thought he could actually be friends with, and hoped the being a hot girl part was irrelevant. Instead, once it was clear that he wouldn't send pics back or engage in sexual conversations, the potential for friendship didn't matter. Just as Cooper had done with this experiment, he suspected that there were others on Kik posing as people besides themselves.

You never know. Cooper didn't think such creepy messages reflect on all guys when he started the experiment, and he still doesn't think that now. Instead, catfish kik names suspects that a majority of the people doing this have limited experience with women. Cooper admitted to feeling bad for some of these guys to a point, especially one who confessed after a conversation regarding salacious pictures that he had never had a girlfriend and he thought this is what love feels like.

Dudes love sending d--k pics more than anyone likes receiving them.

Catfish kik names Catfish kik names

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Catfish kik names