Extreme feederism

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Extreme feederism

Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. I am getting so flabby and fat! You used to be so skinny, what happened? You used to be so fast at running and exercised literally all the time. Now look at you, barely out of high school and you extreme feederism a mobility scooter.

Your whole body covered in fat, breathing way too heavily for someone sitting down, and belly pressing against the steering wheel. We all see you, squeezing yourself through the isles at the grocery store, barely able to reach over your huge belly, stuffing fast food and anything full of calories that you could into your cart. When I become barely mobile I want you to set up a camera, that's up high looking down onto my mattress, it'll constantly be live streaming so we can document my big fat life from moments like struggling to get upusing a cpap cause my obesity gave me sleep apnea ,my first heart attack, becoming completely immobilehaving to be carried out by multiple men on a tarp Parents, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends have all watched your advancing waistline with alarm, worrying about the fact that — no matter how big you had been when they last saw you — you were always bigger the next time.

You needed to try and watch the weight a little. Sometimes you wonder how things would have turned out if you had followed their advice. And so, you waddled across the stage at graduation and into a young adulthood that freed you from even the limited structure of university life. You landed some regular extreme feederism work that paid the bills and let you work entirely from home. And you kept gorging yourself on whatever delicious food you wanted, whenever you wanted it.

There was nobody to tell you what time meals were supposed to be, nobody to question your incessant snacking. While other people your age were going out with their friends, traveling to exotic places, partying, and living their lives, you were home by yourself most of the time. With total freedom from a schedule and your last reason for even limited physical activity gone, the creeping tide of weight gain over the past few years turned into a flood.

The snacking, meals, grocery deliveries, and takeout orders became constant. You would look like a completely different person to someone who had gone a couple months without seeing you, packing on fifty pounds or more from season to season. Eventually, your friends and family gave up on trying to save you from what was increasingly looking like an unstoppable force, propelling you faster and faster toward destroying yourself. You spend eighteen hours a day on the couch, pinned beneath a flowing belly the size of a bean bag chair and two bulbous titties connecting to the massive rolls of fat under your arms.

Your forearm fat shifts down toward your hands, making an impressive roll around your pudgy wrist. You try and shift a little to get more comfortable, wiggling your tremendous butt and shapeless legs around to try and resettle yourself. Instead, you stretch, wiggling the toes peeking out from the distended blobs of fat, now hundreds of pounds in their own right, that pass for your legs.

Shocking as those legs are, they can still support you during your labored, extreme feederism trips to the front door a couple times a day. You see it as a treat. They would push you to your limit if they had half a chance. They want you to end your twenties as a fat cow, insatiably feeding and alarmingly obese, eating yourself to death. Fit in a car. Go shopping, mobility scooter or not. Extreme feederism just be outside without having countless amazed stares and snarky comments from all the people, shocked at seeing someone in their twenties who already weighs as much as five or six people.

Extreme feederism

Your weight may be wildly out of control compared to most people your age, but even so it takes some time for those bad eating habits to reach critical mass. Give it a few years, though. That on the scale will keep creeping up, slowly but surely.

Extreme feederism

You only have yourself, and your gluttony, to blame. You may as well have another bite, another helping, another meal. Because age — and weight — is just aright? Your double chin bulges while you chew the treat, as if to emphasize your undoubtedly imminent weight loss. Your clothes ride up from the movement, exposing more soft, tender flab as you walk. You shift your weight and a roll slams into the steering wheel, setting off the horn. And besides, a fuller figure is getting to be more fashionable. As you shift your weight, your hanging underbelly peeks out from the bottom of the 5xl shirt.

It is March. My old place changed their sizing and stopped making anything to fit me. Even now, blubber peeks out from under the corners that are just a little too far for your arms to reach and cover.

If you could hold up their sagging fat long enough to try, that is. It takes a moment for you to recover from the effort of repositioning the hundreds of pounds of fat filling your body to reach it. Your belly, spreading across most of the bed extreme feederism nearly touching your toes, rolls and undulates as you try and fail to toss the wadded bag into the bin extreme feederism the room.

Extreme feederism

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