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We offer a safe, inclusive community for transgender and gender non-conforming folks, as well as their loved ones, to find support and information. today!

Ftm forums

By Jackie C. By Kakileli, July 4. By almondmeat, July 3. What tipped you off on being trans? By Drake, July 2. New haircut! By zachcobain, October 15, Waterproof binder?

Ftm forums

By Phoenix james, May By Myles97, June 3. First transition update! By puppetland, June How do I ease bottom dysphoria? By whatishappening, May 2. Didn't Start Questioning Until Later By Gray, April Binding Resource By Jani, April How do I make dysphoria. By whatishappening, April How do I lessen period dysphoria? What's a good way to get people to stop misgendering me? Mark forum as read. Followers Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this ftm forums. Topics With Zero Replies. Total Topics. Total Members. Newest Member Em97 ed 7 hours ago.

Good morning All. Coffees on. I hear that. I tried twice. The only thing that kept me from doing permanent damage is a low threshold for pain.

Ftm forums

Am I sexually doomed? How attached to the idea that P in V is all there is to sex? HRT reduces but doesn't kill sex drive in most people. No more than three. You may not be able to become erect without chemical assistance. The chemical assistance doesn't work on everybody. I used to work for a guy who needed it after his prostate surgery. Didn't work for him. You never know. Crossing the finish line is probably going to take more work too. I've had GCS, but it generally takes me at least twenty minutes. I wasn't winning any speed records before the GCS either.

It turns out I had a fairly lesbian-typical pattern for sex anyway. At least two hours ftm forums cuddling at foreplay has always been normal for me. That said, there are lots of things you CAN do to please your partner, and that they can do to please you, that have noting to do with P in V. You've both got a tongue, fingers and a toybox if you're feeling adventurous.

The thing to remember is that the biggest sex organ is the one between your ears. Everything else is secondary. Now with all that out of the way, the orgasms are better. Yeah, they're more work, but they're totally worth it. I don't see any reason you can't have a fulfilling sex life with the right partner no matter what you choose going forward. And ftm forums, having your family be okay with something is small consolation when you can see in their eyes how much it hurts them.

I was told by my mother that anything to do with sexuality was sick. This coming from a woman that got pregnant at 14 years old. I had shame about all of it, male or female. I always thought that people were weak and scared and that's why they wouldn't do some things. I always did art and loved beauty. I always talked to people on an individual level, offering what help I could. I always saw it as me being stronger than others while feeling so much weaker than them. For most of my years, I thought all this was just me and I was ashamed of how I felt.

Ftm forums

Now hearing all of you with essentially the same story, I fully understand. My mother taught me to sew, and darn a sock, and how to knit, I learned to cook from both my parents. I learned not to drink from my father. Thought I hid everything from my family. Before she died, my sister was asking me if I was happy? Certainly before I did. So whats the difference? My mother was extremely young when I was born. Genetically that sets me up for a much shorter life. I expect that I'm already over halfway through my life.

Ftm forums whole thing is terrifying, but how could it be worse than what I've already overcome? Compassion - Are you able to have it for Yourself and ificant Other s. Thank you all. I have a therapist who introduced me to Acceptance Commitment Therapy and I use hypnotherapy but these other therapy method sound like great vehicles to continue on my personal path to fullness in life.

Again thank you. Sorry I don't mean to make the title all click-batt, but between mine and my wife's research, it's hard to come to an object future in regard to what's coming for us. I'm 35 and I still have a more than healthy sex drive, and at no point will I want to lose all my parts.

I have spent my whole life proving people wrong. I've correctly medically and psychologically diagnosed and treated myself so many times, successfully when doctors and therapists couldn't be bothered to listen to a word I've said. In fact, the times I doubted myself and ftm forums their advice is always had disastrous. I've had people tell me I couldn't do things and I proved them wrong.

I've had people tell me I didn't know what I was talking about and turned around and proved them wrong. I'm not trying to be big headed but I have no faith in standards professionals because there is nothing standard about me or ftm forums body or my brain. And the professionals have never not failed me.

So I'm asking the real people who don't use the dsm4 as a Bible. The people who have been there. What changes did you go through? Are there any non binary mtf transitioners sorry if that's not the correct terms that had to deal with penis issues? And I know it's not probable, but are there any nb, mtf, around 35 years at start of transition, that had to deal with the changes?

Will I even be able to use it? Will it be just a joke? Will I still be able to "do my job"? Or is it just going to be a half-hard, run away, no interest mess? I'm Ezra or Juan. EzraG welcome you have already found new friends and I'm happy for you. Heather Shay.

Ftm forums

What are you wearing today? Not healthy, I stopped because I will never attain what filters ftm forums do. BUT, your eyes aren't far off. I really thought these feelings were normal and people just didn't talk about them. After all, trans people were the punch line for so many jokes at the time. I was beaten into submission at a young age. Boys don't do that, you're not a girl. I put so much effort into finding the "guy" version of things to stay off the radar. I love tending to plants, guys cut the grass.

I had always wanted to sew and knit. I learned how to sew patches on jackets with a machine and haphazardly hand sew to fix my clothes. I had desired to do more with it. I couldn't take the chance of being to femme about it. I taught myself how to make chainmail with nothing more than a picture of it in my mind. My friends quickly dubbed it the "man's version of crochet". I made a lot of bikini tops and other women's ware. No one ever suspected that I secretly wished I could wear the stuff I made.

I lost over 25 years of my to the craft while hiding. The list goes on and on. I did drop hints to my wife before we got married. I didn't fully understand myself at the time but the subtle feeling were there. I did ask her if she cold ever see herself with a woman. To her it was an irrelevant question since she was ftm forums to a man. Guess the jokes on her. For the longest time I could never see a life past I always assumed it would end at my own hand.

Ftm forums

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