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Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Pune: Reviews and Discussions. Posts Latest Activity Photos. of Filtered by:. 1 2 3 4 5 12 49 template Next. Originally posted by Lifedues1 View Post.

Pune escort forum

Not sure if she's active currently. She does seem to be moody. I may be wrong. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by Muhmediya View Post. Did u tried her or tried to contact coz she neither rplys on whtap nor picks up the call. My experiences in Pune I have been in Pune for quite sometime and than city is no match to the likes of Delhi or Mumbai or even Kolkata.

However I'm sharing my experiences : 1. Kadambari: The best and true shemale queen of the town. Big tool, implanted big boobs.

Pune escort forum

Soft spoken and not a time watcher. Met her many times and she is always amazing. Last she was living in handewadi. A 1 BHK flat but safe. Damages :3k 2. Good kisser, speaks too much, good dancer but chews pan masala sometimes. Short heighted. Tool is jst average quite thin.

Good company and looks are ok. Last she was in Hadapsar. Beware if u have a 4wheeler, lot of thieves around and my side mirror was gone when I came down after an hour or so. Since then never visited her. Damages:3k 3. Kaynat: I met her wen she used to live next to kadambari's flat. She is a lost gal and in her own world and full Dramebaaz. But the only true shemale after Kadambari in pune. Big thick tool, nice boobs. Good kisser. Hygeine is a little issue and a big drunkard. Currently at Hadapsar near shanu's place. Damages: 3k 4. Eshika: post op but a wonderful kisser.

I met her wen she had a small but inactive tool. Good boobs and woww what a figure. Looks the same as pics. Could be a time watcher at timesdepends on Ur luck. Her place used to be pathetic doesn't know the current status as of pune escort forum. Have heard she got some attitude after she has gone through the surgery. Damages:2k 5. Myra: met her an year back. Then she was new to this world and hence was very humble and satisfied me in every possible manner. Place was not good. It's the same as Mansi uses. They r all friends. Good boobs and lovely kisser.

She is a pro now and I'm sure mst b having some attitude and high charges. Damages:3k 6. Would kiss, but seeing her you won't feel like kissing. Bad place ,Strict no! Komolika: she considers herself classy and model and entrepreneur. U wld find a plate on her 1bhk flat door saying Michele Kapoor in tingre Nagar near airport. Good kisser, naughty gal, good chit chatter. Could be fun for some but not my type. Expensive, not worth the value. At 2k lesser wld have been a good choice. Damages: 5k 8. Indian trans: have heard bad bad reviews about heralso hell expensive.

Even the pics doesn't excite me much to even ping her up. Damages: k as told by some Apart from them aashu, Aayushi, Mitali, MeghnaRitu and aarzoo are there whom I hvnt tried yet If some one can share some experiences on aarzoo coz I'm planning to meet her soon.

Rest all in Pune are either fake or CDs or whatever. Also an updated report on Myra and kaynat and komolika wld be really appreciated Keep hunting. There is so dearth of reviews these days as it used to be on HA. Ppl r jst busy asking reviews but not giving any.

Cumon guys make it little lively and spicy here. Originally posted by kenforbarbie14 View Post. I have been in Pune for quite sometime and than city is no match to the likes of Delhi or Pune escort forum or even Kolkata.

Last edited by Lifedues1 ;AM. Provided good service. Small dick but hard and hygiene Kayanat? Place is also good and safe. Only issue is her hygiene part. Full of hair around her tool and on near by area Shanu?

Pune escort forum

Any new reviews Hi folks, Any new reviews from Pune?? There are many new birds in the city now Please post new reviews. Meghna Any update for meghna from pune? Charges, service quality and can be tried or not? Originally posted by mrkol View Post. Any update for meghna from pune? Anyone tried Krutuja in Pune? Profile looks great, was checking. Originally posted by rohitsharma View Post. TS mayra Kindly can any one give a detailed review of Mayra In massage republic someone reviewed not so great How about komolika. Any new pre op shemale in Pune?

Last edited by Liverpool ;AM. Reason: Edited. HI i will be in pune this month, anyone please help me with contacts. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.

Pune escort forum

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