I like showing my boobs

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Look obviously you don't understand. Being embarrassed sexually isn't something you get over.

I like showing my boobs

Your boyfriend likes your breasts,trust me,you nor he know what my breasts look like. Gagging isn't embarrassing,it's only part of giving a bj. So If he tells me I'm ugly,unattractive and not as good looking as other girls,I should just get over it right? Cause it's the same thing. Obviously it is something you can get over if I've gotten over it. You don't know my boyfriend and what he likes so you can't really say that. I know that I like showing my boobs don't know what your breasts look like.

But puking because I gag a lot is embaressing obviously you don't know what its like so you can't say that its not. Yeah IF he tells you that, but if he loves you it won't matter. Yeah you should get over it. Life is too short to worry about things like this if it could go a different way. You already said your boyfriend likes them.

And thank you. HaHa oh yeah I did write that. What is your freaking problem?! Why would a guy beat your ass? I'm really confused here. Oh yeah and if you didn't like my adivce and no one elses because we're telling you to just give it a chance a show him, then you didn't want anyone's adivse because you've been complaining about everyone's answer that they've, and myself, have given you.

I think you're saying this because you aren't in her shoes,you probably have smaller perkier breasts. I do get why she's comparing it to abuse,verbal abuse lowers peoples self esteem, and much of verbal abuse is opinion like saying her breasts are ugly.

A guy calling his girlfriend ugly or stupid are opinions yet are considered verbal abuse. I highly doubt you wouldve been so non chalant about the issue had your boyfriend told you he thought they were ugly. I've had my boyfriend tell me a few negative things about my body.

I like showing my boobs

My sister has a size 42D breasts, so I do understand what the negatives are abotu them because I know that she's self consious about them and what there not and such because I'm always there reasurring her and her confidence goes back. I didn't mean i like showing my boobs come off as rude for what I said but whatever, I apologize for it. I'm saying it is the same. If he tells her that her breasts are ugly,it's going to lower her self esteem,she already has low self esteem,i. And I don't think anyone should be pointing out the negatives of their partners body. No one is perfect and while we all have opinions,there's no need for them all to be spoken.

I mean,I've never been in her situation,but I do have big breasts,and,I can tell you sagging and big or large areolas are not something guys like. Well obviously I don't understand so it doesn't matter what I say. So forget whatever I wrote, I'm wrong because I could never understand what it's like to be imperfect and to be concerned about a part of my own body that will lower my self esteem even more too. Hey that's not what I'm saying. Everyone has flaws and imperfections,but whatever. I know. Its just really frustrating about this quesitons because its not a simple "just take it off" answer.

You'd have to change a persons identity with herself and you can't just wave a wand and get all the confidence and self esteem for this. Sorry for sounding like a bitch, I'm really not meaning to. I don't think you should tell her that feelings can be ignored,cause she's obviously insecure about her breasts and if he tells her they're unattractive,she'll be hurt and become more insecure. But I do agree that she could just tell him before hand that she has big areolas and then show em,he'll decide whether he likes them or not. Most guys don't even give a damn about areola size.

If he's straight he won't complain. I don't think that means I'm with the wrong guy. It means he's human and he if he isn't attracted to them,he can't help it. I rather not hear "I find them unattractive" and just keep my bra on,it isn't worth making me feel worse about them. I agree with anon's answer here.

I used to be very nervous about showing my breasts to my guy because I always thought they were too small and not the right shape. Yes I am in love,but I'm being realistic,not living in a girls fantasy world. If a guy finds something attractive,he finds them attractive,love doesn't fix that.

My entire body, breasts included, he went crazy. So,it makes a guy gay if he leaves her because she has unattractive breasts? But it doesn't make a guy wrong to leave a girl because she won't show them?

I like showing my boobs

I've heard plenty of guys talk about "ugly" breasts,maybe you haven't seen any,but they are out there. Im not saying its right for a guy to leave a girl for not showing them, but I would like to think we're far past this in our relationship where we trust each other I think you maybe underestimating him, give him more credit and accept your relationship together It has nothing to do with him,I know they are not attractive.

I do trust him and I do love him and I am committed to him,and there's plenty of guys who leave and disappoint. Yes I have explained,and I understand guys like boobs,but why should I risk being embarrassed by him telling me "I find your breast unattractive or ugly? Would you rather be embarrased once by him saying that yeah, keep the bra on or have him keep asking? That's effectively the decision you've got to make - he isn't going to stop asking.

The fact that he finds you sexually attractive without boobs being a part of it shows he isn't as shallow as some of the guys who you heard of :. Maybe you're insensitive and don't understand how embarrassing and humiliating it is for a girl to be told her breasts or female body parts are ugly,but it's pretty hurtful,regardless if it's one time.

That's like saying I should be happy and smile if he tells me I'm ugly and worthless.

I like showing my boobs

And being in a bra and out of a bra are two different things. You yourself have acknowledged they are ugly, and if he likes them then its good, if not then nothings changed. He WILL want to see them and will ask. That's a fact. You have the given solution, so its up to you now to get over any embarresment. Might seem insensitive, but that's the choice.

Ok,and you think it won't hurt for my boyfriend to tell me he's not attracted to them or that they're ugly.

I like showing my boobs

That doesn't make it any less hurtful. Whatever,you're a guy,I wouldn't expect you to understand. I just logically break something down into its possible outcomes. Of course it would hurt to be told he isn't attracted to them, but you need to balance that against your dislike of him asking. Because he will do until he sees them.

Logic doesn't mean you would understand,you're saying what you think you should say. And I rather he ask than be told that,look again,you may not understand. The only thing that would offend guys is "your penis is small" and that's about it.

I like showing my boobs

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