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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities sexy kiks help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for Kik. Common Sense says Social networker connects with strangers, bots, websites. Based on our expert review. Based on 57 reviews. Based on 90 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 57 Kids say Kik Messenger is getting very popular with children under 10 years of age.

I work with the police, here in Australia on Cyber Safety education and they, educators and cyber safety educators like myself are seeing increased incidents of children being sent porn by predators on this app. Police are reporting that Kik Messenger is the No1 problem app for predator behaviour. The other part of Kik that sexy kiks incredibly dangerous is the now over apps that Kik Messenger promotes and hosts within its app.

These are a mixture of adult "hook up" style apps, games, vote for the cute girl or boy, anonymous confession apps, and snapchat style apps. They could contain viruses, spam, and some do contain porn. None of them comes with an age rating either. Any filter or parental control you enable on hour child's device does not work to block any of the very adults apps now available from within Kik. Kids who say that this app is safe, are still at high risk for being sent porn and nasty messages from strangers, if they haven't already.

Many kids are getting sent porn as way of introduction as other reviewers have pointed out, before they even have a chance to block them. My Video which shows how Kik Messenger works, has many many comments from kids and adults complaining about strangers and predators contacting kids and sending porn on this app.

The privacy settings have changed now, and messages from strangers now go through to the main chat window they are simply blurred, you are prompted to click on them. You can find out more at my website about this. This title contains: Sexy stuff. This review Helped me decide 3. Had useful details 4. Read my mind 4. Report this review. Had useful details 2. Read my mind 3. Adult Written by Digitaldenny October 11, Helped me decide 2. Read my mind 2. Parent Written by hockeymomuv2 May 20, Sexual Harassment and Cyber Bullying This app is dangerous especially if you use it on an android.

Some pedophile sent my 16 year old son child porn to scare and harass him into sending pictures of himself back. When he clicked the thumbnail the photo's were automatically downloaded to his device. He told a friend that he was chatting with at that time, of the harassment and that some idiot had just sent him disgusting pictures. The friend asked to see them and he sent them via text message then promptly deleted them. When the police were called for the harassment issues which included threats of rape and battery, they sexy kiks the deleted photo's and arrested my son, who was in fact the victim of threats and sexual harassment!

Please, Please parents no matter how safe you think you are pedophiles can find a way in and KIK is a wide open door! Do Not let them download it. It's not worth the risk! Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Dangerous app Don't be fooled by the innocent sounding name -- this app is a prime vehicle for sexual predators to locate targets.

Within hours of installing this app on his phone, my child was receiving random explicit invitations for photo sharing. Predators pose as teens and try to seduce kids into sharing nude "selfies". Volumes of nudes and pornographic screen shots are being shuttled around on this app every minute. There are plenty of other ways for a kid to text another kid -- keep them away from Kik! Had useful details. Parent Written by katherinem August 23, Be wary if your child has this app This messenger app is not for kids or teens.

This is an adult site. In a span of 24 hours, my teen was solicited my approx 20 or 30 people asking her to do sexy kiks things, and using sexual language. This title contains: Ease of Play. Read my mind 1.

Sexy kiks

Parent Written by pcbbeachbumnaz January 17, Parents beware My 12 year old son was approached by a "15 year old girl" in Washington claiming to be "Alex". Her main conversations seemed to be sexual in nature and commented constantly about cutting herself and committing suicide if he didn't respond. Sent 20 messages in less than 2 minutes trying to get a response. App has been deleted. Adult Written by Cogafam5 March 24, Don't be fooled my 13 year old recently told us that his friend who is also 13 recently told him that he had confessed to his parents that he had been going thru porn sites because of kik.

He said that he was offered free porn then declined the add on services for a credit card but he kept being offered free porn so he went from one click to another click then another click, before he knew it he getting into free sites every sexy kiks. I'm very saddened by this. People don't realize how much damage porn does to the mind.

Children and adults mind. He told my son that because of porn he now saw women in a different way.

Sexy kiks

Not a good way. But he saw them in a perverted way. It's very damaging. People don't understand that pornography is very very sexy kiks. Please keep an eye on your children's phines. Monitor their use. Parent Written by shauna3 July 12, Not for Kids It is another untraceable anonymous use predator site primarily used for sexting. It fosters fake identity and promotes risky conversation. Not for. Shortly after starting to use this app, one of my daughter's year-old friends was approached by some freak who wanted details about her level of sexual experience he asked very graphic questionsand wanted to know if they could meet so he could "pleasure" her.

This app is NOT safe. Adult Written by Tuxedo2 December 30, Don't Kik Kik and instagram seem to go hand and hand with tweens. On a high percentage of instagram posts you see phrases such as, "Kik me at It is a dangerous way to invite strangers into your life and there is no way for parents to monitor Kik messages or group chats. There are no records to review and chats are easily deleted.

Sexy kiks

Additionally many children have this app and their parents do not know about it. It can be loaded on any android or iphone or ipod touch or iPad. Adult Written by Dchandy74 March 25, My stepdaughter was being trekked for 4 weeks unbeknownst to us, by multiple pedophiles that sent her child porn of little boys and grown men. I cried seeing this images. And my stepdaughter was conned into sharing breast photos with who she thought was a 13 year old girl.

Sexy kiks

Helped me decide. Adult Written by davidg2 January 1, Kids got tablets for xmas so I thought I would start investegating chat sites to see what I could recommend. Kik seemed most pop, so I logged in as 45 yr old male looking to talk. What I got was sexy kiks barrage of porn filth, come-ons by unsupervised youth that were up way past their bed times. Stay away from this site and based off its popularity, do not allow under aged child anywhere near it!!!

OK My 12 and 16 sexy kiks old have it and use responsibly. They also have to accept a conversation so they cannot talk to srangers However, you cannot censor what other people say. Parent Written by ZeeBee September 19, Kik- The pros and cons Kik is a perfectly fine app for certain users. My child wanted to get this app to be able to text his friends.

At first the app seemed sketchy, because anyone can text your child, but I soon discovered that first they have to know your username, which is pretty hard to get, and you can block people from texting you. Some parents may say that is dangerous for kids under 10, and I agree, but if you are at least 11 or 12, this app should be fine. This title contains: Positive Messages. Read my mind.

Parent Written by KevB May 1, Bully's dream app My 11yr old son became the target of online bullying through Kik. I tried to investigate what logs I could pull up to keep a record of the nasty abusive language being said to and about him, but was quite surprised that NO RECORDS are kept, making it virtually impossible to report this kind of behaviour to the authorities. This title contains: Language. Parent Written by Kyle D. March 18, Adult Written by Sean F.

August 5, Horrible I got bullied a lot in this app.

Sexy kiks

I got banned from chat rooms for no reason. Easy for ppl to lie about their age, full of predators. I have been on kik for only a year and this guy was flirting with me I didn't think much of it then he started rushing into commitment and was trying to control me I'm like no I'm not into that. He asked for nudes which I said no everytime and everytime I would block him he would make a new and harass me.

Sexy kiks

Everytime I leave he would threaten to commit suicide. The harassment got so bad that this guy tracked me down and showed up at my house. He claimed that he was 18 but in reality he wasn't He slapped me and tried to force himself upon me sexually I fought back and pressed charges.

Sexy kiks

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