Pee fantasies

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Tuesday brought to light very-unconfirmed allegations that Russia has documentation of Donald Trump watching Russian sex workers urinate on a hotel bed that was once occupied by the Obamas believe me, that sentence was just as odd to type as it is to readand is using it to blackmail the president-elect. Pee fantasies your hand if you had to Google "golden shower" on Tuesday? So, while we as a country are learning more about this particular category of kink, you may be curious about what drives sexual peeing fetisheshow they work, and if we can make any conclusions about people who are interested in this particular sexual interest.

But as Watersportsgate takes over cable news and people worldwide contemplate the endless puns that will result from this allegation about Trump, it's time to have a look at urophilia specifically and fetishes in general for how they develop and what they mean.

Pee fantasies

The essence of urine play is often about humiliation, power, and disgust. Urination is a private act and urine is culturally viewed as unclean, so arousal using urination, whether on oneself, on others, or on other objects, is often tied to the idea of subjugation. It's also forbidden, so watching other people do it could provide a voyeuristic thrill, one of breaking the rules. The phraseology of the "golden shower," incidentally, comes from Greek myth, in which the god Zeus manages to impregnate the human Danae, who was locked in a bronze tower, by transforming into a shower of gold.

One of the most interesting perspectives on urophilia may come from Havelock Ellis, a 19th century British doctor who published Studies in the Psychology of Sex and scandalized Victorian England. Ellis, in his correspondence and autobiography, revealed himself to be a cheerful urophiliac, noting, "I may be regarded as a pioneer in the recognition of the beauty of the natural act in women when carried out in the erect attitude. Mark Griffiths notes, in his review of the quite limited research on urophilia, that one of the most comprehensive understandings of it comes from a article by a Dr.

Urine for urophiliacs, Denson noted, serves a lot of purposes: it's a sexual object in and of itself, but it's also sexy because it's used to humiliate somebody or "capture the spirit" of a sexual partner. So it fits into pretty standard sadomasochistic ideas about power, humiliation, and arousal. Nothing groundbreaking, to be honest, even if the method is more lurid than most. Unfortunately there's not a lot of statistical analysis of peeing fetishes; a study of 1, Canadians inhowever, found that while they were "unusual" less than 16 percent of the respondents said they'd fantasized about itthey weren't all that rare.

Let's get something perfectly pee fantasies there is nothing "wrong" or "weird" about the vast majority of pee fantasies, including peeing.

Pee fantasies

Understanding this, however, has been a long journey. The Diagnostic Statistics Manual, the primary text for defining psychological conditions and disorders, has had a variety of approaches to dealing with fetishes.

Pee fantasies

For a while, a historian explained init put them all under one heading, including "persistent preferential pee fantasies arousal in association with non-living objects, an over-inclusive focus on typically non-sexual body parts e. The DSM is actually a good way to track how society itself has dealt with the notion of fetishes and "non-traditional" behavior. editions of the manual listed atypical sexual behaviors as diagnoses. The new version, however, is largely silent on behavior, and defines fetishes as problematic only when they cause ificant distress.

This is the big thing to remember here: current psychology only looks at fetishes as somehow harmful or upsetting if they distress the people who hold them, or contravene consent. So you may well not want to do it yourself, but there's nothing inherently "depraved" about urination, scatological fascination, or other bodily fluid fetishes.

No kink-shaming. There's a lot of psychological discussion about how different people develop distinct fetishes. It's a conversation that's been happening for ages; in the 19th century, for instance, spanking was termed "the English vice" le vice Anglais because so many British gentlemen demanded it from French prostitutes, though it's been known as a sexual behavior since ancient Rome. The theory prevailed that British men were reacting to a part of their histories: the propensity for beatings and caning at English boarding schools.

Psychology Today notes that some modern psychologists think that fetishes like urine pee fantasies can take root in childhood, while others think it's more to do with adolescence. This is what Havelock Ellis thinks happened with his peeing fetish. How this happens is up for debate; Dr. It's not all about childhood or adolescent experiences, though.

In a famous study in the '60s, explains the academic sexuality expert Dr. Justin Lehmiller, scientists demonstrated that fetishistic associations could actually be produced in the lab. Adult male participants were shown images of boots and beautiful naked women in sequence over and over again, while measuring their sexual arousal; after a while, the subjects started to be aroused by the appearance of the boots alone.

Fetishes, it seems, are something we may be conditioned into, at any point in our lives. Interestingly, a scientist in revealed that there may also be a neurological basis for one of the most common fetishes, the foot fetish. It seems that there may actually be a rewiring of connection between the parts of the brain focused on sexual arousal and those related to our conceptions of our own bodies our feelings of them in space, for instance.

What precisely prompts this rewiring remains up for pee fantasies, but the connections between particular activities or sensations and arousal may well be be neural as well as psychological. Nobody's done a neurological exam of people who are into peeing during sex, but it's possible something similar happens there. We have no real ability to speculate on the sexual nuances of Trump's alleged episode with prostitutes urinating on Obama's bed. Plus, if it even really happened in the first place, it may not have been a sexual episode at all, merely a very juvenile way to express power and show disapproval.

If it was a fetish, though, it wouldn't show that Trump is somehow warped. If you're going to go after his sexual behavior, focus on Trump's taped admissions of sexual assault and the 11 women alleging he groped them claims he also deniesnot on some random rumored episode in a Russian hotel with consenting adults. By JR Thorpe. Vanity Fair, James Gillray.

Pee fantasies

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