Snapchat says forbidden

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Snapchat is a great app for those who enjoy sending messages, pictures, and videos to their friends. Its simple user interface and great photo editing features make it a fun app to use. However, there are some things you should avoid doing on Snapchat in order to stay safe.

Snapchat says forbidden

Most of these actions violate the Terms of Service, but some just seem to be common sense and good manners. With Snapchat being the social media platform of choice for many, it is no surprise that third-party apps have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Snapchat says forbidden

But while these third-party apps may be useful in some cases, they are not safe to use if you want to keep your Snapchat from getting banned. Unauthorized third-party apps are a big no-no when it comes to accessing Snapchat and they could get your banned. Snapchat will temporarily lock your for snapchat says forbidden hours at the first instance, but repeated use of unauthorized third-party apps can get you permanently blocked from Snapchat. According to Snapchat Supportsome unauthorized third-party apps include:. If you've ever considered sending a sexually explicit Snap or message, you may want to think twice.

Sharing pornographic content is enough grounds for getting your Snapchat locked. Snapchat prohibits s that promote or distribute pornographic content. Asking anyone under the age of 18 to send explicit imagery or chats is a worse offense. Aside from risking a permanent ban, Snapchat will also report you to relevant authorities. Snapchat warned:. Never post, save, or send nude or sexually explicit content involving anyone under the age of 18—even of yourself. Never ask a minor to send explicit imagery or chats.

Sharing sexually explicit content can also get you banned from Facebook and other social networks. Snapchat prohibits the use of its platform for any form of illegal activity. Furthermore, sharing content that promotes criminal activities or the use of regulated goods can also get your banned.

Snapchat says forbidden

However, continual sharing snapchat says forbidden content that promotes illegal activities ends in getting your blocked permanently. Yes, sending spam and unsolicited messages can get you locked out of your Snapchat. This is the unspoken rule. Snapchat, like other social media platforms, thrives on popularity.

Sharing content that several people find offensive is another surefire way to get booted off the platform. Snapchat evaluates reported profiles and content to confirm whether the report is valid or not. If you want to read these documents in their entirety or find more guidelines for other concerns, the best place to go is Snapchat's Community Guidelines.

Snapchat has three of bans on its platform. Violating any of the terms stated above, for the first time, will snapchat says forbidden likely lead to your getting locked for 24 hours. However, repeated violations can get your locked for up to a month or result in a permanent ban from the platform. In one word: No. As long as you don't cross certain lines on Snapchat, your should be safe from getting banned. Understanding the community guidelines and terms of service of a platform can prevent you from ending up with a locked or permanently removed.

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Snapchat says forbidden

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