Soiled panty stories

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Soiled panty stories

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Soiled panty stories

Tags: keeping it real. What are your thoughts about sniffing soiled panties. ed: Oct 8, Messages: Oct 12, Would love2 hear true story's of caught sniffing soiled panties. Funny x 1. Panty snifferOct 12, ed: Dec 17, Messages: Nov soiled panty stories, I've been in the service industry for a long time and I met my current wife at a strip club we used to work at together.

I was the bouncer and she was the only one who was off limits as per my wife at the time. A old black g-string sitting on top of her dance bag. I walked over and stole them I took a break and went out to my car and sniffed the hell outta them and stroked my cockI came so fuckin hard! The next day I wore them to work.

God I love that woman! Like x 5. Another thing is that my bosses wife worked with us as well and we had a arrangement.

Soiled panty stories

She would get me in the middle of the work night and make me put on a pair of panties and wear them while I was working ed: Aug 9, Messages: 7, Nov 19, I visited a woman who had advertised in the BZ a Berlin, Germany newspaper. She was a well built older Black woman from Africa, I don't recall exactly where if she ever said. While there she introduced me to a young woman who said she was her niece, who she said was the woman available. When the young woman removed her panties I asked for them and she was reluctant to hand them but her aunt told her to.

I held them to my face smelling them and she was shocked, frowning to her Aunt as if asking why would he do that. The older aunt apparently understood dirty old men very well explained men like to smell a woman. The young woman took her panties back and smelled them shaking her head as though I had done something very strange.

She was really shocked when I told her to bend over and spread her cheeks because I wanted to taste her. Her aunt had to explain that that was part of the arrangement, but the woman was really surprised about my doing that. You have to love Berlin for just about having everything a man wants. Like x 1. ed: Jun 1, Messages: I was a horny pervert when I was in high school. Every house I went to, with my parents or with a friend, I would excuse myself to go to the bathroom and be on the lookout for laundry hampers and baskets. Soiled panty stories give them a quick search looking for female panties.

If I found some I'd sniff them good and use them to jerk off with in the bathroom. The soft silky feel against my cock always made me cum more than usual! After I was done I would be sure to put them back where I found them. If I couldn't I would drop them in any handy laundry basket. I found out a couple times that there had been quite an uproar when a woman's cum soaked panties were found in the "wrong" basket! One time, a friend's mom saw me near her laundry hamper and asked me what I was doing. I said I was looking for the bathroom.

She didn't say anything more, but she told my friend that I couldn't come over to their house any more! Like x 3 Funny soiled panty stories 1. ed: Nov 3, Messages: Nov 30, It started with my mom and older sisters panties sniffing them while I masturbated as teenager. Now in my 40s and every time I get high on meth I'm stealing every pair I can find and keeping them to sniff on future occasions as Well. ed: Jun 30, Messages: 1, Dec 2, I enjoy my own I do sell them sometimes locally. Like x 13 Winner x 5 wtf x 1.

Soiled panty stories

That is hot. I would love to have them. BisnakefreakDec 2, ed: May 21, Messages: 1, Tell me how much. Billsohorny45Jan 10, ed: Sep 5, Messages: Dec 6, Started for me when I was very young smelling my mom's and cousins I am addicted to sniffing dirty Panties. Love it.

Soiled panty stories

BluemanblueDec 9, Billsohorny45 likes this. ed: Mar 17, Messages: Jan 1, I can relate I began at sniffing my cousin Tonya's dirty panties,I had such a crush soiled panty stories her and once I held them to my nose and inhaled her hot scent I was hooked on them.

When she'd stay over I'd find them usually they were rolled up in her Jeans I'd take them into the bathroom and quickly bust a nut imagining eating her pussy sometimes they were too clean and had very little smell but a few times when I unfolded them the crotch of them were stiff with her juice mmmh they smelled so good and hot I'd shake with passion as I sniffed them then stuffed the pungent stain into my mouth and sucked them!

Sometimes she hadn't stayed over so I had none to sniff. A couple of times I'd see my sisters panties lying in the floor and consider them but I'd stop myself telling myself that would be sick. Even though when we were younger she and I had fucked! Then I began reading incest porn at first only the cousin stories feeling too guilty to read about siblings finally I read a story about a boy Fucking soiled panty stories sister it bought back strong memories of me and my sister it turned me on so good! After I came I felt sick with guilt. I swore I'd never read it again. But later I reread it and again got off hard!

Soon I only read about brother sister sex! One day as I read about incest it occurred to me that my sisters panties were often laying around her room and that she had always had a hot smelling pussy so I snuck into her room I knelt beside her bed and reached under it feeling around I felt some silky fabric I pulled it out and in my hand I held a pair of green panties, "oh god!

Oh she smelled do good! I gasped and felt disgusted the entire crotch was soiled yellow and stiff there was even a little dried blood around the cuff! Eww gross! I thought feeling sick I quickly threw them back under the bed. Damm she is nasty! As I did I smelled strong piss smell then hot pussy scent! So strong it burned my nose!

Soiled panty stories

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Caught sniffing soiled panties