Incest rp

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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. I might elaborate or add more later, but I wanted to get this out before going out for a little while. I could play either character in these. If I am playing the male, a woman playing the woman would be a plus, but isn't necessary. In all cases I am thinking 'sex heavy' but with larger stories mixed in. This idea is a taboo form of cheating.

The sister has recently got a boyfriend, they have gone out, may have kissed or groped a little or lightly fooled around but not had actual sex yet. The brother is jealous, he has been attracted to his sister more recently as they got older but did not dare say anything before. But now he decided he wants to make her his. The sister is not incest rp attracted to him, but this is a story about a lighter way of changing.

He will not force her to do anything, instead he will seduce her and fairly quickly they will be sleeping together.

Incest rp

There could be potentially longer term cheating here, with her continuing to go out with her boyfriend but returning to her brother's bed at night. Eventually she would likely ending up having sex with both of them though not at the same time, the siblings know to keep it secret in addition to shame she might feel about the cheating. Though of course the brother's goal is to make her want him only eventually. The boyfriend could either be a background character simply referred to in passing or both boys could be played.

Heavy on the sex, but also a love story of sorts. And she will likely eventually end up with her brother's child might be intentional, might be an accident. I am thinking a younger single mother her early 30s with a ish son. It starts simple enough. The incest rp has a wet dream about his mother optional on whether or not we play that incest rp. After he wakes up. Half embarrassed, he leaves his room, he passes his mother's room looks in and then moves almost by instinct.

He walks over to her bed and just starts fucking her. She wakes up in the middle of it, she is initially shocked, but he is too into it to stop and by the end she is enjoying it at least partially due to not getting any in a while, though there could be other factors.

After it is over they are both embarrassed but a line has been crossed and before long they start doing it again with growing frequency and their relationship is forever changed. I could potentially play both or two versions if they playing it from each side.

In this case it is a royal family. Similar ages as the above idea.

Incest rp

In the case the king is sick and in an attempt to hold onto the power the queen begins sneaking into the sons room at night and begins sleeping with him. While they cannot marry, incest rp the time the king dies the mother has become the son's lover and has a great deal of behind the scenes influence and power. The idea is here is what is originally a pair of brothers, but for one reason or a another the younger one becomes a girl.

It is a little awkward at first but the brother begins to lust after his now sister. Eventually he gives in and makes his move. I can either way on how incest rp the sister is. Eventually the lost sibling is brought back to the family and to celebrate. Not having grown up together, they don't have a strong connection as siblings and find themselves mutually sexually attracted to each other. After they realize they feel the same way, they try to fight it briefly but then give in.

The brother is the school outcast constantly bullied and such. It gets taken to a new extreme. He finds a few of the boys on the verge of forcing themselves on his sister. He begs them to stop but is too weak to fight them. The only way they will stop is he has sex with her instead and lets them watch take pictures. If they resist it looks like they will both be beaten and they will take her anyway.

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Incest rp

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Incest rp

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Good and realistic(-ish) incest ideas?