Feet pics for sale

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Have you ever imagined that you can earn money selling pictures of your feet? Of course, nobody would have. So basically, people are earning money by selling feet pictures. Sounds crazy right? We know that the Internet is filled with weird things. But this weird thing that we are going to see now will help you get some money and can be your new side hustle. In this article, we will look at how to sell feet pics online, some tips and safety precautions.

Bonusat the end of the article you will also get to know about how to get into foot modeling. But in some countries due to its religious practices and laws, it may be illegal to sell feet pictures online. Also, you have to make sure you are not a minor.

In case you are wondering, where to sell feet pics in America, U. K or Australia? Below in this article, you will find some great options to choose from. Your age should be at least 18 years, regardless of the country you are in to sell feet pictures. So basically, you should not get into the selling feet pictures business, if your age is less than 18 years. Yes, because every foot is beautiful. Just make sure to take proper care of your feet in terms of hygiene, pedicure, etc and take a good looking picture and you should be good to sell your feet picture.

There is no standard price for a feet picture. It depends on various factors of the feet picture. Another great example is Sarah Schauer with a job, earns side hustling by selling her feet pictures online. You can see in the below video where she explains it all. Also, if you are asked to do some custom pictures, such as applying peanut butter on your feet, make sure to charge EXTRA money for it. Social media is one of the primary ways to sell feet pictures online.

With a social media with a good amount of followers, you can boost up your feet picture sales. You can simply create your own Facebook group and start posting your feet pictures for sale. There are many private and open Facebook groups especially to buy and sell feet pictures. such groups and be active. Once your feet get the attraction it needs then more members will message you about buying your picture. Thus you can sell feet pictures on Facebook and with some marketing strategy you can become unstoppable. There are two ways to sell feet pictures on Feet pics for sale. This method is a bit slow process but once you gained a decent amount of followers your sales will get skyrocketed.

Instagram hashtags are one of the crucial factors to make your post get some views apart from your followers. Use hashtags like feetfetish cutefeet feetlover hotfeet beautifulfeet trendingfeet to make your posts searchable in Instagram and attract some buyers. Some of feet pics for sale will follow you back. In this way, you can earn some feet loving followers. Once you gained some followers, start posting feet pictures and with brief words mentioning about the sale. Make sure to watermark the picture.

If someone comments about the feet picture, then privately message them about the deal. Reddit is another platform to sell feet pictures online. By doing so, Feet lovers will message you privately and you can talk about sales.

Reddit has different s for posting content related to corresponding topics. Post your pictures in the corresponding to target the clients more specifically. Also, you can read this Reddit post for some tips. Tinder is a dating app but you can also use it for selling feet pictures online. After creating a tinderpost the feet pictures in your and also get some friends on tinder. Once you become famous in tinder, then it becomes too easy to sell feet pictures online. You can promote in all of the above social media sites or concentrate on one.

So concentrate on fewer social s and make them popular. Craigslist is a classified website where you can simply create a free ad listing for your feet picture.

Feet pics for sale

Create a craigslist and your feet picture attractively denoting for a sale and advertise it all over the internet using craigslist. There are many ways to sell your feet pictures online, some of them are:. Create a blog entirely about feet models, explain a lot about popular feet pictures and celebs who have a feet fetish. You can team up with some foot model or a person who has some good looking feet and then create your own brand with a brand logo on your feet picture.

This helps foot fetish people to identify their feet picture. Branding is an excellent way to increase the sales of any product.

Feet pics for sale

Internet is something which google or any search engine shows to you. But the darknet can only be accessed by some special browsers like Tor. You can use this Darknet to sell your feet pictures too. If you want to know more about darknet then google it and sell your feet pictures there.

Quora is a website where one asks questions and another will answer it. You can promote your feet picture with your answers in Quora and make money online. But you need to be careful as if you promote directly it will lead to a ban on your. You have to promote your picture indirectly by redirecting the users to your web or feet picture by providing links to your answer.

The Internet is full of opportunities. There are numerous ways to sell feet pictures over the internet.

Feet pics for sale

So apart from the above-listed options, you can find your own way to sell feet pictures online. You can start with Kik App. If you are a teen, most likely you would be aware of this app. It is an anonymous app. Please take proper precautions and ensure your safety. Whisper is another anonymous social media app that you can use to sell your feet pictures.

The App has been around since March You can just them with a random nickname and you must be at least 17 years of age or older to use the Whisper app. It will allow you to share messages with other users anonymously. As always you should be cautious.

Feet pics for sale

Also, their been reports of data been exposed to the public causing privacy concerns. So you should do your research on it. This is famous for selling feet pictures online. The minimum age to in this app is This app is where all celebs and feet fetish peoples mostly lookup for buying the feet pictures which makes it easy to sell your feet pictures. Apart from these, there may be other apps where you can sell feet pictures but these are the popular ones and trusted by many other people. You can also look at best-paying apps for android to earn money on your smartphone.

Selling feet pictures is not like icing on the cake. You have to adhere to some routines and practices to sell your feet pictures. These are some of the tips that will help you to sell feet pictures online:. The main thing is to treat your feet with utmost care in order to do this kind of online job. So never walk on barefoot.

Always wear specially made slippers for your feet. Keep your feet clean and nails sharp. No one loves big fat unshaped feet.

Feet pics for sale

Never forget to use them. Quality comes in many forms. But in feet pictures quality comes first in the picture itself. No one will buy a feet picture with a low-quality picture or bad angled feet picture. Always hire a professional photographer to capture your feet. Before sending the original feet picture to the clients, always send a watermarked version of that feet picture and ask for the pay.

This is because some clients will not pay you after getting the original picture. So, get the pay and then sent the original feet picture. While genuine buyers always talk professionally, some of the clients will misbehave especially if you are a female. So always talk and behave professionally. Always try to do something innovative with the picture of your feet. An attractive feet picture will always have a good background and excellent lighting. With these basic tips, you can be good at selling feet pictures online. Yes, you heard that right? A foot model. This may sound strange to you but in the modeling industry, there are most popular foot models who earn a lot that most of us can even imagine.

Foot modeling is similar to other types of modeling where the feet of the model are either captured or videoed for commercial purposes like shoe advertisements. The amount of money you can make depends on how feet pics for sale you are popular in this industry and also depends on your foot. Becoming a foot model requires some effort like any other job.

The below tips will aid you if you want to step into a foot model career. There are foot exercises that make your foot look slender and beautiful. Include them in your daily exercise routine. Exercise but not too much to avoid damaging the tissues of your foot.

Feet pics for sale

You have to take care of your feet more than any other body part because the foot model is all about your foot and not any other body parts. So keep your foot clean and maintain your hygiene. This will remove the dead cell from your feet and gives you a glowing look for a short period of time. Exfoliation will keep your feet clean and will make it look good to the camera. Always wear some comfortable shoes or slippers even in your home to not make your feet become hard or cracked. Avoid sunlight to your feet as far as possible.

Keeping your nails clean and polished will act as a nice topping to your elegant feet. Like your face, your feet also need to be moisturized to prevent it from drying which could lead to cracks on your feet. Also, Moisturizing will make the feet look young and add a shiny look to it. Some people have hair on their feet. Feet pics for sale sure to exercise and also maintain a healthy diet.

If you indulge in an unhealthy diet or binge on fast foods a lot then fat gets deposited on your feet which reduces the aesthetic look of the feet. So have a healthy diet. Similar to traditional modeling, feet modeling also includes some poses to learn.

Feet pics for sale

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