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For those not in the know. For as long as I remember, I've been attracted to the idea of fat and the act of gaining weight. Sometime this attraction is on the idea of me gaining weight, other times its based on the idea of others, both adipophilia and female gaining weight I found it interesting that this fluidity of attraction seems particularly common with those who are attracted to more than one gender.

It goes without saying that studies have linked being overweight with negative health conditions, and for the most part my fetishization of it seems in my eyes to be morally wrong. I don't think I would ever want to be in a relationship with someone who is interested adipophilia it, for the same reasons of supporting what is adipophilia unhealthy life style choice. And to be completely and utterly honest, I do also consider and fear the ostracization I would face if I were to open up to anyone close to me about my abnormal desires, as cowardly as that may sound on my part.

I also have not told anyone in real life about this, though approaching 21 years of age and currently attending university my lack of, "regular" sexual interest has not gone unnoticed. All in all, I'm not interested in the act of sex itself, so I am beginning to consider telling people if Adipophilia asexual. I feel if I do this, I would at least be more accepted than having such an abnormal fetish, though I'm not ignorant to some of the other problems that could occur from doing this.

I do also worry that I may be falsely representing asexuality in this way, and using it to cover for my own selfish purposes. Is my own lack of interest in sexual incourse enough to justify asexuality, even if I'm attracted to someone adipophillically? All in all, I'm not necessarily asking for advice from this thread, just venting some thoughts and feelings that I've been holding in for years now. If you have read this far however, I want to let you know that you are an awesome individual for doing so and I thank you for taking the time to read adipophilia. If you do have have thoughts or experience that you'd like to share, by all means go ahead and share.

Nothing is wrong with finding something that seems "abnormal" attractive. It's just what you are into, there's nothing wrong with it at all.


I completely understand you not wanting to engage with it in real life for health concerns, but there could be ways to engage with it that overlook these health issues perhaps? Regardless, you can use whatever label works for you as you please. You can use asexual, especially if you never plan to engage in partnered sex anyway, though you are right adipophilia say that you probably aren't as you do experience sexual attraction even if you don't wish to act on it.

You can also just say adipophilia aren't interested in sex no shame there at all or just tell others to butt out because it's none of their business. Also, it's possible to be on the heavier side without being unhealthy. In fact, it's healthier to be overweight than underweight. If you are attracted to obese bodies, that might be a concern, but you can get away with some chub without being actually unhealthy. I'm actually into feederism as well. Adipophilia wouldn't call it "adipophile" for myself becuase I'm oddly not attracted to fat bodies not that there is anything wrong with having one and not that I wouldn't date someone who's on the larger sideI'm just into the idea of Not myself growing I guess, but sort of getting someone else adipophilia gain weight.

However, I have no interest in doing it with anyone. I have never desired to have anyone participate in my fetish with me, I just like to delve into the fantasy. That's what lead me to think I could be asexual. I feel like I have no interest in doing any of it with anyone, it's just a way for me to masturbate. It's not a big part of my life, either. I can go months without participating in the fetish with no feelings of needing to indulge. Sorry if this wasn't what you wanted to hear, I guess I didn't answer your question, I just talked about myself IDK, I bet if you really wanted to engage the fetish without someone being unhealthy, you could find someone else with the fetish and just see what their limits are and go from there?

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