Rate my breasts

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I can't haha that's too much. But I can say it's not push up and not padded. To narrow it down im from Perth hbu? Hahahaha so awkward.

Rate my breasts

Make it a good one too or otherwise santa will put you on his naughty list next year lol. I heard the nightlife is dope too. Hahaha okay then … therionorteline.

Rate my breasts

Yeah they are real. Isn't that not close? I don't know these bra sizes tbh I just guess from seeing other people say their sizes. GaG doesn't allow posts to be too short so user usually type 'filler' to get the minimal amount of words required to post. Sexual Health. So many people like different sizes and body shapes just rate my breasts what your thoughts are on my boobs. I can't be the only one who's wondering how they're viewed by the opposite sex.

Simple curiosity! Pictures in profile. Share Facebook. Girls and guys rate my boobs? Add Opinion. Stacyzee 2. Your boobs are great. If they were right in front of most guys Especially, if you have a face to match. A lot of guys are acting far too picky when in reality they probably wouldn't care. When you post your parts for the world to see, people are going to give you rate my breasts comments because they ARE looking for a flawwhereas if you walk around confident in yourself no body will say anything. Janett21 Xper 7. Well the only thing that we see is your boob size but I think it doesn't count so much as the nipples for the guys.

So I can't tell you my honest opinion if u wear a bra. CommieDearest Guru. I'm gonna level with you; I'm not feeling much on these. They do not correspond to the classical beckoning breast. They are big, but "big" really is not the key to aesthetics here.

They should be a bit smaller and slightly more inclined. Now, there are different body types that would no doubt be attracted to this form. But this just doesn't turn my winter solstice to vernal equinox. He approves! Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. How does a girl go from an 8.

Rate my breasts

Why do guys keep showering girls with attention? Guys, why would a guy friend sends rate my breasts of other girls to me saying they want to have sex with them? Why are girls so mean to guys when they ask questions about insecurities about their bodies? Sort Girls First Guys First. Sugardaddy Xper 5. They look like nice boobs very nice boobs. You have an amazon wish list? We could go on an online shoping spree for you if you want to show them off better? Urbantarzan Xper 6. Your boobs are nice. If you feel like you want to show your curves better, do abdomen exercises esp.

If you did that your toned waist would be slimmer making you look curvier. But your boobs are great nothing to do about them! Ihav2fart Master. GrayWolf 61 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 5. Sexualchrist Guru. They're about perfect.

I'll give you a nine with benefit of the doubt then. Kris85 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Trolling effort is strong here. I am betting those little fake boobs aren't yours either :. AustinMan 1. They look nice but it in part depends on the bra.

If you really want an honest opinion, we need to see them. I know a Aussie girls boobs like that. Theyre 34E's but yea they look good. Now its time for the ass lol. Describe this girl looks wise. Show All Show Less. Yeah I am. Melbourne specifically : wbu. I've been to Melbourne rate my breasts 6 months though too. PiuBelloAmante Yoda. Too big for me. Looks like the type that would sag terribly at age Ricky Xper 5. You have great boobs. If a guy wants to massage them, they fit perfectly in his hands. But he will probably have some difficulty trying to fit them in his mouth They look awesome.

But it depends on your weight.

Rate my breasts

If you're fat with them, its not as great. I'd fondle them. Yes they look nice no need to worry i look at woman for a great personality not for her body. Kate Upton has bigger, so nothing special about them in the pictures Kate upton is a DD hahaha so you're wrong. She sent that pic because her boobs look disgusting there.

They are fine to me. I would of like to see them outside the bra. Now I feel cheated. I can't give a good assessment now. But please post some braless please? I can't see them due to the bra. They are large though. Are they real? I'm not a boob guy but those are nice I actually prefer a little smaller though. Blueeyes81 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. They look like boobs.

It's hard to rate boobs without seeing said boobs. They look fake. Too fake. Did you get the teardrop? No they're real wtf hahaha. They look full of silicone. No it's not. They look real fake. I was just stating my opinion. WhiteRaven Xper 5. MrAtticusLebowski Yoda. Very nice. Sairres Xper 5. Your boobs are perfect and yummy. GoldCobra opinions rate my breasts on Sexual Health topic.

Rate my breasts

I'm going to guess they are 36D. Yeah you're close!! Tokana opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. JSmuve opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Can't tell. There's a bra in the way. Can I just say that this is an amazing question? More questions should be like this NovemberJoseph opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Alexious 76 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Looks good to me.

How big are they? Omerkhan15 Xper 5. Jersey1 Yoda.

Rate my breasts

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