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Do you prefer Spanish? Truth or dare is the classic party game of embarrassment. When someone chooses truth, they must answer the question truthfully regardless of how embarrassing it is. When someone chooses dare, they are given a task to complete. You cannot dare someone to answer a question. Truth or dare is a great way to learn more about your friends.

Maybe more than you ever wanted to know. And if they insist on remaining secretive at least you get to be entertained snapchat dares them doing outrageous dares. This is a list of some basic truth questions and dares to get you started. You can adapt them to the atmosphere of the get snapchat dares.

Just remember to not get too dark with the truth questions. You are aiming for embarrassment and hilarity. Also remember to keep the dares at a reasonable level of craziness. Someone gets seriously injured or the cops get called and snapchat dares party is over. So, use and adapt the truth questions and dares from this list, and have an incredibly embarrassing game of truth or dare!

Often a mixed bag, depending on the person it can be interesting, funny, or downright depressing. Will it be you? Or at least someone you can tease them about? A lot less fun with couples because they inevitably pick each other. Usually brings out a good answer, sometimes it can get a bit dark but usually this is a solid one. So, you have to judge the room and person on this one, because it can be juicy and interesting or really depressing depending on the answer. If you have couples or people who used to date, skip this one.

But if not, it can sometimes lead to a surprising answer! Depending on the person this can lead to some surprising answers. There is no telling what this question will draw out. Will it be hilarious, embarrassing, tragic? Who knows?! The next thing to find out is where that picture is. On their phone? Because I mean, you have to look at it now that you know about it. There is probably a good story behind their answer to this one.

There is definitely some cringeworthy material to be found with this question. If you and your friends are in college, there is definitely a great story behind this one. If people drink a lot, they are bound to throw up in some hilariously inappropriate locations. The heist of the century? But who knows you might find out something entertaining!

This almost always le to some hilarious answers. Will it be something embarrassing? Or something totally out of left field? Time to find out. Always a good one to ask. Just remember, depending on how interested you are in the person, this one could be a double-edged sword. This one could get a bit dark, but what is truth or dare for if not for finding out secrets they would prefer to keep hidden.

Another one that can get a bit dark. But it might be a good thing to know about your friend, how cruel are they really? So many different directions this on could go in. Some way more fun and embarrassing than others. So yeah, another one that could be a great story or one that could get really dark really quickly. Ask this question with care.

A favorite toy? Perhaps a souvenir from a trip? One of the tamer questions, but can still be a good one. More toilet humor! So, if you are one of those people you might want to give this question a pass. Will it be romantic? Will it be sexual? Or will it just be something cute? In hindsight this one probably should be higher in the list; it gets some really good answers. But hey I have to save some snapchat dares ones for the middle of the list!

And of course, you have to see them. Embarrassing photos and videos need to be seen. My guess is that is from when they were younger and falls on the cringe spectrum. But who knows it might be something more recent! Time to find out where the bodies are buried! I mean, the metaphorical bodies.

Snapchat dares

Finding out your friend is murderer would probably put a damper on the party. While love, lust, and romance are great, they can really lead to some sticky situations. Pardon the pun. Or maybe they just nasty. Either way, probably going to be fun to hear.

Might be a somewhat interesting story, might be a very interesting story. Now you can decide if you want to open up some of their old wounds or not. This can get doubly uncomfortable if there is a couple playing the game.

Two birds with one stone! Be as animated as possible! Falling to your knees, arms gesturing wildly, make sure to go over the top and then some. Okay, so if you want to be nice you can let them choose. Let them choose the condiment. Whatever condiment they choose will probably still be pretty enjoyable to watch. This one is bit on snapchat dares weirder side, so feel free to give it a miss. Oddly enough, this one might be snapchat dares one that gets people injured the most. So, limber up and be careful. Wrists are fragile things, and people believe they can do a lot more than they actually can.

Much hilarity can be had with hair gel or hair spray. Everyone knows the worm. Very few people can do it. Always entertaining to see people fail at doing it. Just hope that everyone in your group has good hygiene habits. Sure, you might expect an egg joke here, but we are way too classy for that. We like to defy eggspectations. Music helps. Why would your life depend on belly dancing? Who knows, weirder things have happened. Time to kick that immune system up a notch! The gross factor on this one varies greatly depending on how clean the host is.

Again, it helps if you give this on to someone in the group who likes being the center of attention.

Snapchat dares

So, this one, this one can be dangerous. Similar to the giving birth one, make sure to give this one to one of the more animated people in your group for maximum entertainment.

Snapchat dares

Seriously, stick to condiments. I love this one because it le to increasing levels of hilarity while people try to keep a straight face. Always a good choice. No permanent markers for this dare, we are going for mild private humiliation, not public humiliation. Bust out your best opera voice but try not to kill those vocal cords or make the neighbors too angry. Oh, this one can be dangerous. Let the treasure hunt begin!

Will you find something hugely embarrassing or come up with nothing? Only one way to find out! No need to strip down in front of everyone, you can always strip down in separate rooms with an intermediary passing clothes back and forth. Whatever everyone is comfortable with. Either have the group choose the celebrity or let them pick so you can get their best impression.

For some this one will be no problem, so for maximum effect save this one for one of your friends who is especially germophobic. Your life is your own, but I would recommend choosing the weakest one in the group. Be the backboard. No bottles or other injury causing snapchat dares should be thrown. Once again, no trips to the hospital please.

Also, you might want to figure out some time or trash limit for this one. This snapchat dares can go in a lot of fun directions, especially if some of the group or the dare taker are part of the LGBTQ community.

Snapchat dares

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