Snapchat guys only

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Snapchat guys only

Learn More. Snapchat has quickly become one of the most popular apps amongst the teens and young adults of today. The app is one of the more popular spots for people to chat when they are interested in each other or in the "are they or aren't they dating" stage. While the app can be fun and games, there are a few things you should keep your eyes peeled for when it comes to your potential bae's snapchat activity.

This is the most annoying thing ever. Honestly if he can't take the time to personalize the snap so you know it's only been sent to you- he isn't worth your time. Guys get a kick out of saying it's the hoe filter for girls but it works both ways.

Snapchat guys only

Do not trust a boy who uses the dog filter in any other way snapchat guys only satirical. You know what, any filter for that matter! While the dog filter has a bad rap on it's own, I don't trust a guy who can't take a photo of his face without a weird filter overlay that is going to show up on my phone screen for literally 8 seconds.

Avoid these boys at all costs they are the worst. I get it if they're doing something crazy like petting a tiger or doing snapchat guys only edge walk, but unless you are a member of One Direction, I do not need a play by play of your life via snap. Unless it's warranted, this is a serious red flag especially if you constantly start the convo too, evacuate NOW. Or anywhere for that matter, honestly I get that people are proud of their progress but I don't know a single girl who has ever said "ugh I just wish he'd post a gym selfie.

If your prospective bae has a water proof phone case, watch out for these. Aggressive snaps while he's showering are a serious red flag to watch out for. The biggest red flag of all, serious run for the hills if he only hits you up for pics. If the guy you like posts about alcohol the way a girl in grade 9 does when she steals a bottle of Absolute from her parent's liquor cabinet, it's time to find a new guy to crush on. Listen, I practically downloaded snapchat solely because I wanted to see other people's dogs on their stories, but theres a line between the right amount and too many.

By too many I more so mean he is totally spamming his story with dog pics to entertain more girls than just you. If he never posts stories in general, no worries you are in the clear. Though if you are hanging out with him and he actively takes photos where you are conveniently out of frame every single time, I would be concerned. Spending enough time on the app to get that high of a score is just shady. If he's doing this, I promise you if you ever got in a relationship with him it would be drama city, steer clear at all costs.

It sounds ridiculous but for many couples it's those obligatory snaps everyday to keep a streak that spark new conversations after old ones have gone stale. Plus it's one of those opportunities for you guys to have a "thing" together. A guy who isn't interested in maintaining a streak with you unfortunately probably isn't that interested. Listen, I get it you have a fire meal and workout plan and you probably look great because of it but I didn't follow you to see what your meal prep Sundays look like!

Snapchat guys only

I don't think anyone on your snap friends list did! If you are brave enough to have your snap location viewable by your friends it's totally normal for the guy you like to maybe take a peek to see what you are up to. Though it's definitely weird if he actually comments on where you are as he's practically outing himself for being a bit of a creeper. Proceed with caution. Narcity may receive a small commission if you purchase something we recommend in this article, which was created by the Narcity Shop team.

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Snapchat guys only

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Snapchat guys only

September 06,AM. Sending you the snap he just put on his story. Why does this continue to be a thing? Only sending you snaps that could easily be mistaken as mass snaps. Only uses the dog filter. Never snapping you without a filter on. Sending dick pics you didn't ask for. The biggest red flag ever, avoid these boys like the plague. Only talking to you in the snapchat chat instead of actually texting you.

Snapchat guys only

Only snapping you in the middle of the night. Having a long AF snap story all the time. Leaving you on 'opened' all the time. Posts gym selfies on his story. Shower snaps. Only ever talking to you when he wants nudes.

Snapchat guys only Snapchat guys only

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