Kik sign out

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Kik sign out

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Kik sign out

It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. If i log out of kik, and someone sends me a message, will i receive it when i log back in? My friend would like to log into kik sign out on my iPod, but I have conversations going on. Asked by: Shaniakennedy. by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. No all past conversations will be deleted but when you are logged out and someone sends you a message and then you log back in you will get Kik and probably most mobile-only apps is deed around some basic assumptions about mobile phone usage.

Your phone is always on, always Add your answer. Anonymous "Logged out and someone sends you a message and then you log back in No all past conversations will be deleted but when you are logged out and someone sends you a message and then you log back in you will get the latest message they sent. Hope that makes sense. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. Your phone is always on, always with you and you only have one of them.

Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? You may need to reboot your device by removing the battery. If the step did not resolve the problem, ensure that the WhatsApp icon is not hidden or moved to another folder. You can select "Show All" by pressing the button on the main device screen to see all icons, including hidden ones. Marjhone Casas. Hello first check the phone where you send your text message if it is correct, and also check your network to it maybe have some delay on it when receiving a text message.

This just happened to me. Kik sign out they blocked you. Was this comment helpful?

Kik sign out

That only means the recepient of your message blocks your that its why it was returned to you and you receive that messageif your phone is blocked from other phone that is the message that you will get. Someone said: What if its happening with every contact in my phone. That is completely wrong. The real answer to that question has nothing to do with the person blocking you. The answer is unknown at this time. Freddybronx said: Chicks is completely right. Their phone has been turned off due to non pain. Someone said: I work for metro the correct answer is the bill is unpaid.

Someone said: I just got a message like this we were texting and then I got it after I tried to text back,i called but it went to voic it didnt say that the phn was kik sign out Someone said: Then why does it only come up for one person. Someone said: chicks what if the phone was payed recived the thank you for payment and we have unlimited minutes? Someone said: BS! Smittygirl71 said: How do you fix the bug. Someone said: my bill is paid and not due for weeks. Someone said: Right this error has nothing to due with payment status.

Someone said: Just hpnd to me, Bill def paid! It started working again an hour later. So no clue!! Maybe al?? Someone said: Try holding power button and restarting phone I did and it worked fine after. Someone said: This happened to me. I sent a message to someone with a metro axct and got this same error teply back. But hours later all my other texts to them went through, but they still have not responded to me.

Did kik sign out get that first message that i sent? Does not mean they blocked you or have anything to do with your service. You will still get that message even if you pay your bill because your service was disconnected and then reactivated and you have to call them to have them restore all services sometimes. Pay your bills on time and your dinner have to worry about it. Someone said: The reason is not because of unpaid bill Meto pcs has international calling or texting blocked Someone said: This is a glitch with metro i paid my bill 2 weeks ago the service was fine until 3 hours ago.

I texted like 6 different people and the same message popped up for every one. Ive been hold with metro for 40 min i hate them. Make sure the take off your bill for this. Someone said: But. Does the message just not go through? Or does it say the same or something similar???? Metro PCS used to have an app that could block texting and calls but the new one they currently have only blocks calls and sends them directly to voic. The person texting you does not get an error message of any kind. The message you guys are talking about is the message you receive if you try to text someone that has Metro PCS and their phone is disconnected.

I hope this helps a little bit. Someone said: You were SO tservantez! Smittygirl71 said: Mine is not metro but same problem. Robynsosexy69 said: Everyone keeps saying yhat u get this message if u try kik sign out text a phone that has a bill they didnt pay but if thats true then how did i just receive a text from them? This gas happened twicecin the last two days at different times for two different phone s that i gave tried to reply bk too?

Kik sign out

Fyi my bill us paid lol. My kik sign out texts me every morning and he also has Metro, and I tried to text him back this morning and got the message about the block being active. I immediately tried to text someone else and it went through just fine. I am able to text everyone else and make calls except to my dad.

Super strange, he said he did not block mywhat else can I do? Someone said: Metro here, same problemonly could not text one person. Would get tje free nsg thingy. I erased all my text with that peeson, staryed new text with that person and then it worked fine. Anonymous "Ppl hate you and your phone soo It means to stop being such a stalker and a recluse for that matter!! Ppl hate you and your phone soo much that they would rather go and play squat tag in an asparagus field!!!!

Someone said: Not to mention completely inaccurate Someone said: it has nothing to do with the sender or receiver not paying their bill or someone blocking you. Anonymous 1. Anonymous 0. It means the user you are sending I to has either blocked you or is unable to revive messages.

Add Your Answer If i log out of kik, and someone sends me a message, will i receive it when i log back in? If I log out of kik and someone sends me a message, will I receive the message if I log in later? I logged out of my kik the other day, because my phone had broke, and a friend said she sent me a message. I want to know if I can still receive it if I log in on another device. This discussion closely relates to:. Do u know any think about kik messenger? Hi I have kik app on my phone and so does my husband samecan he see if I get a message on his phone when he is logged out of the kik app on his phone?

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Kik sign out

If you feel any of these questions have been included in error help us improve our content by splitting these questions into seperate discussions. Please unmerge any questions that are not the same as this one:. If i log out of kik what will they see? In. Register Forgot Password. Ask Your Question Fast! Type your question here. Leader Board What's this? Leading Today Pts Helpful 1. Time: 0. Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Top Solutions No all past conversations will be deleted but when you are logged out and someone sends you a message and then you log back in you will get Comment Reply Report.

Oldballs Level 1 Contributor 1 Answer, 1 Follower. Their phone has been turned off due to non pain Was this comment helpful?

Kik sign out

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How To Logout From Kik Messenger Safely Without Deleting Messages