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After much research I discovered that you can only have one with one IP address and bc my roommate ed up, it permanently kicked me off and stole my money. So extralunchmoney was my first venture into online sex work. One of my photographers recommended it to me. It's got this cool web 2. The great things about it are that it's got great internal traffic, a request board you can pick what you want to do off of, and it's great for someone with boundaries like mine.

Extralunchmoney com

I'm very sensitive and hate putting stuff inside myself, I'm more of a "ride a stuffed animal" kind of girl. Extralunchmoney showed me all kinds of work I could do online without having to put my fingers or a dildo inside me, which I personally loved.

Extralunchmoney com fetish stuff is great! They also allow pee! Which I love doing weird pee stuff. Now, the downsides. Some of the customers are They want something for 10 credits, and you only get 6 dollars. Some of these requests are just too much for 6 dollars. Then, some of the models are also selling things very cheap. That can make competition hard. But if you're starting in camming and content creation and are looking for ideas of what people are looking for within your boundaries, ELM is great.

There is traffic at this site put they all want detailed customs for little credits. Support is rude and incompetent. Software is old and outdated. But the worst of all is I had around credits left on the site and they never changed my payment method to paxum so I could get paid.

Extralunchmoney com

After multiple s over 3 weeks, all I get is "admin will change this on tuesday, blah blah blah bs". I got tired of waiting and was tired of their rude support so I gifted to my credits to someone deserving. Hopefully they can get paid.

Extralunchmoney com

I don't believe this site will last much longer. I wound't recommend working for this site if you value your time and money. I didn't like that I had to download another software app to break up my 20 min long videos into mb. I didn't like that I had to use a certain of photos per album. I just didn't like anything about this site.

To start, they have a huge abundance in game buyers trying to scam girls for free stuff or bank info. ON TOP of your private information being jeopardized.

Extralunchmoney com

When you up, you basically consent for them to have access to all of your content and info and give them rights to have it. You also consent to them taking your money whenever they wish even though it is illegal. I would only recommend ELM to a newbie model looking to get some quick cash. Traffic flows easily if you know how to work the site.

Recently ed videos extralunchmoney com on the frontwhich provides some exposure, though you can't schedule posts vids must also be approved first, which can take a few hours or more, so in advance. Website is eh Vid size is extralunchmoney com limited - only mb, so nothing of decent quality can be ed. Even if you film a high quality custom vid for an ELM customer, you can't go through the site to send it, which is ridiculous. ELM also has a pay-per-txt msg feature, though it has some glitches. Payment is on time there's a week hold.

However, they never fully recovered extralunchmoney com the big payment processor who bailed out on all the porn sites last year Crosstown? Dwolla worked fine once I gained the courage to finally use it, but the fact they they still have a "we're working on it" on their payment from a year ago implies they don't care to have any other payment options available.

All other sites found appropriate workarounds, but ELM just seemed lazy about it. Support is not usually helpful. And I don't necessarily mean this is in a negative way, but be aware of that when using the site. I wish I would have saw this before I made an with them. Why doesn't anyone say uh you can't just load your 19 minute video you have to download hjsplit and something else because it has to be mb.

This site has many positives and many negatives. The traffic is what makes the site worth while with many buyers seeking requests and many sellers available to complete them. Dwolla works great for me with their weekly payouts and only 1 credit fee. The support give fast replies and are usually helpful. As far as the software goes, the platform looks very outdated, uplo are limited to mb, files max out at 5 per message, their product sales platform is incredibly awkward to use, and their site goes down very often for minutes, hours, and sometimes even days.

The community is a mix of good and bad as well. If you are new and don't know how escrows work, you might be taken advantage of. But, if you learn the system and learn to deal with the few negative buyer's, it's not a big deal. I try to be professional when dealing with unsatisfied customers and always re-film when legitimate complaints are brought up. This is quite unprofessional and has cost me in the long run. My genuine advice for extralunchmoney com on this site who hear complaints from unsatisfied customers where the fault was not your own, unless it was a technical issue and you send proof to admins showing the content was ed and works perfectly fine, then just wait for the 3 day mark to self complete the escrow.

Note: If you are unable to self complete an escrow after a full 3 days from the date and time you hit the complete button it's because ELM admins revoked your rights to do so due to the buyer sending in a complaint. You'll never get notified by the ELM admins of this and chances are they'll be admin closing out your escrow. Again, another reason why support on this site gets 1 Star.

I like the 'calmer' interface on ExtraLunchMoney, as well as the 'Request' section. My main issues with the site are the load time, poor mobile performance, and random UI issues. I hated the payout options. I don't want another through some site that I've never heard of before. It was difficult to try and up with Paxum. And there's a lot of very cheap customers who want you to jump through hoops for little to nothing. I hated it! I'll never go back. I can't believe that this site hasn't been closed down to be honest as the stuff I've seen requested and sold is mind boggling.

Including but not limited to requests for underage modelsstealing of children's underwear, vomit and scat shows and videos and also stealing models content and reselling and posting it elsewhere without permission and not being banned even with plenty of proof, models openly advertising prostitution, selling packages of their own feces the list goes on. Reporting either members or models is a waste of time as support is non existent and will just ignore you. Shall we mention pricing? Girls selling shows for well under a dollar a minute,week long kik packages for a few bucks, custom videos with partners and in some cases multiple extralunchmoney com for 30 credits Payout options are Dwolla for American models or Paxum for other countries.

I have had 0 issues with receiving payment with Dwolla though it did take awhile to be approved as they were having issues with my I. Basically I only stay on this site because I have a few semi regulars who I can't get to pay me elsewhere or I would close my and I'm a gold seller.

Extralunchmoney com

Stay far away from this dung heap of a site. I had no trouble making sales on this site even without advertising my profile on my extralunchmoney com media. But then when it came to pay out there were very limited options Dwolla is the only US option I believe and everything I've read online about the options heavily advised against using them. I decided it wasn't worth it so I just deleted my along with all the money that was on it.

I'm really sorry to hear that and I personally haven't had any issues with Dwolla once I got approved. Personally if I was planning to write my funds off I'd have tipped them out to another model though rather than just give them back to the site but that's just me. This is a good site if you need to find a place for custom video ideas since there is a request included on here. I found the website very inclusive offering a lot of different services from texting to being able to create whatever product or service you want to offer someone!

I've mainly had custom video and photo requests on there but everyone is different. I've had some rude people send me messages on there but overall some great clients too. I would not count on it being a major money maker but it all depends on where you're comfortable pricing yourself and your services and what you are open to doing. Worth checking out but don't get too excited lol. It's an extra perk, and extra lunch money for a extralunchmoney com. This site is alright. It has great traffic, but the customers tend to be cheap, and I haven't sold one thing from this site since posting content up months ago.

Site has really gone downhill no one buys anymore ive had the new profile for over a year and nothing. I agree. I used to make a lot doing customs there. Now I haven't made a single sale in a month. The guys on there don't want to pay a lot for anything. Probably one of the worst places I've tried to sell on. Too many cheap girls selling everything for a couple of bucks and making it impossible to sell for real worth. Plus extralunchmoney com images to a job is damn near impossible.

It tells you images need to be px in width so I adjust all mine to be just over that and they still wont. Crappy system and site. While ELM is an excellent site for fetish centric sellers and very armature content, be aware that this isn't a site you'll be paying all of your bills with.

Extralunchmoney com

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