Ovipositor alien

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Ovipositor alien

Published online by Cambridge University Press: 04 February Little is known of the olfactory mechanisms of host detection in the ovipositors of endoparasitoids and ectoparasitoids. Structures and sense organs of ovipositors of A. The ovipositors of two parasitoids consisted of the first and second valvulae and ended in a pointed tip. There were three types of microtrichia, two types of sensilla chaetica, and one type of sensilla campaniformia on the ovipositors of A. However, Q. The morphology, types, distribution, length, and width of these sensilla ovipositor alien microtrichia were described, and their possible functions are discussed in conjunction with the stinging, oviposition, and the host selection process.

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Ovipositor alien

Alert. Log in. Hostname: -componentdc7cdx46dj Total loading time: 0. Microscopy and Microanalysis. Article contents Abstract References. Zong-You Huang. Si-Yan Li. Wen Lu and. Xia-Lin Zheng [Opens in a new window]. Show author details. Corresponding E-mail address: zheng-xia-lin Article Metrics. Get access Share. Abstract Little is known of the olfactory mechanisms of host detection in the ovipositors of endoparasitoids and ectoparasitoids. Keywords Leptocybe spp. Type Micrographia. Access options Get access to the full version of this content by using one of the access options below.

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South For 801 — 3. Google Scholar. Sensilla on the antenna and ovipositor of the parasitic wasps Trichogramma galloi Zucchi and T. Microsc Res Tech 45— Benefits and risks of exotic biological control agents.

Ovipositor alien

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Ovipositor alien

Two new Aprostocetus species Hymenoptera: Eulophidae: Tetrastichinaefortuitous parasitoids of invasive eulophid gall inducers Tetrastichinae on Eucalyptus and Erythrina. Zootaxa— Parasitoids of the eucalyptus gall wasp Leptocybe invasa Hymenoptera: Eulophidae in China.

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Ovipositor alien

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Ovipositor alien

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