Dominant submissive toys

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The best toys enhance playtime between partners, increasing the erotic sensations both a dominant and a submissive feel. BDSM gear can also establish and maintain dominance over one or more partners, creating a consensual power play rooted in being restrained, bound, or sexually teased. Why are blindfolds so fun? Well, they provide sensory deprivation.

When blindfolds are on a sub, they heighten the sounds, feelings, and, in some cases, tastes they are exposed to during play.

Dominant submissive toys

This makes touching much more sensual and intimate. Blindfolds also force the sub into reliance on the dom, building tension between moments. Is a dom about to force his sub into giving oral sex, or make him receive? Blindfolds turn those actions into an open question, making this garment the perfect addition to any kinky power play. Unlike other BDSM toys, there are very few safety precautions to keep in mind with blindfolds.

Restraints dominant submissive toys further prevent this from becoming a problem by, well, keeping a sub in place. The Magic Wand is one of the best vibrators on the market. And as far as kink toys go, the Magic Wand still remains one of the best vibrators to pick up. When it comes to restraints, bondage tape is one of the best BDSM toys for any kink fan to pick up. Especially beginners. For the uninitiated, bondage tape is a PVC strip that can be used to wrap together different parts of the body, such as arms, legs, and breasts. Unlike duct tape and other adhesive-based tapes, bondage tape only sticks to itself.

So while the strip is durable and hard to break without a pair of scissors, bondage tape is also safe to use without worrying about skin tearing or any other adverse effects. PVC-based tape is excellent for beginners for that same reason. And binding a partner together is much easier than learning how to tie rope columns. For quick, easy but durable bondage, grabbing PVC tape is essential. Some important safety points: When binding someone, be careful not to bend the tape or draw it too tightly to their skin.

This can lead to circulation issues, not to mention general discomfort.

Dominant submissive toys

Having blunted scissors allows kinksters to quickly free their play partner while diminishing the risk of cutting skin. Dildos, of course, are phallic sex toys that can be inserted into a vagina or anus. They come in various shapes and sizes, and some even come with built-in vibrators.

This makes dildos pretty versatile across play partners, as every person can use a dildo in at least one orifice of their body if not more! Whether a domme uses her dildo to peg a sub, or a sub is forced to use a dildo on his dom, dildos are perfect for kinksters into penetration. When it comes to dildos, there are two ways kinksters can make the most out of these phallic playthings. They can also be used in conjunction with a harness, turning dildos into excellent toys for both anal and vaginal sex. Plenty of lube should be applied on the dildo, as well as inside and around the area that will be penetrated.

Some dildos can only be used with certain kinds of lubes, too, such a water-based lubes. Remember to read any care instructions that come with a dildo before slapping on lube. While not exactly in the category of BDSM toys, harnesses are a thing of beauty for any trans or queer couple. Owning one of these makes penetrative sex all the easier—and in some cases, sexier.

A harness is an undergarment worn over the genitals that can be used to hold and mount a dildo. Of course, harnesses are also perfect for using a dominant submissive toys during vaginal sex, and for some cisgender lesbians, this is their preferred use. And trans men as well as cis men can also use harnesses for penetrative sex for similar reasons.

As always, there are some dominant submissive toys tips to keep in mind using a harness. And before buying a dildo for your harness, make sure its diameter and size are perfect for your pick. The last thing you want is a strap-on falling out—or being too big to wear.

Handcuffs are a slightly more complicated bondage solution than tape, but with practice, they can quickly become a must-have for any BDSM toys collection. As the name suggests, cuffs can be used to bind limbs, keeping a sub restrained for play scenes. They can also be used to lock a sub to a piece of furniture, such as a chair, table, or bedpost. Or two handcuffs can be locked across each wrist, connecting a submissive to a bedpost in a spread eagle position. But no matter your choice, know that handcuffs come with greater risks than bondage tape. These cuffs are much more likely to tighten under pressure.

And if your cuffs use a key, keep a spare key in a secure location. Rope can be used to make mock handcuffs. It can be used to restrain someone to a bed, table, or chair. When it comes to rope, practice makes perfect.

While rope is one of the best BDSM restraints around, it also introduces a wide range of safety concerns to watch out for. For one, any rope should be looked at carefully before use to check for damage. The neck, wrists, armpits, genitals, eyes, and ts should be avoided, as intense pressure on these areas can cause severe damage and even be life-threatening.

Improper rope tying can cut off circulation, too, leading to potential nerve damage if a knot is tied too tight. And of course, medical scissors should be kept on hand at all times to cut through rope in emergency situations. Like bondage tape, these toys are simple to pick up but can help both submissives and dominants feel immersed in their roles, making the wearer extra obedient for their owner. For one, collars can be as complicated or as simple as play partners want them to be.

Leather collars with leash rings that latch in the back are commonly found in sex shops and kink stores across the country, but some kinksters may prefer grabbing their collars from places like Pet Smart. Both options work, and doing the latter can help make a scene extra sexy for subs into pet play. There are also more advanced options, such as collars that lock with a key. Dominant submissive toys, chokers and collars are also fashionable, which means submissives interested in public play can use a collar to discreetly al their submissive side while out on the street.

Dominants using a collar should always keep any hair or skin away from collar latches while putting it on their submissives. If using a collar that locks, make sure the key and its spare are accessible at all times. Lastly, submissives should always warn their dominants if a collar feels too tight, and collars should never be tugged.

The resulting force can damage the neck or lead to whiplash, as UberKinky explains. These BDSM toys go on, inside, or around the mouth. But like collars, gags can increase immersion and make a submissive feel helplessly restrained.

Dominant submissive toys

Gags vary from style to style. But for beginners, UberKinky recommends breathable gags, which are hollow and feature holes that help submissives take in air during their first few gagging sessions. Before starting play, create a non-verbal safe word to end a scene. For instance, submissives can snap their hands or blink slowly three times.

Always give submissives time to try on a gag, dominant submissive toys sure it fits properly and does not cause discomfort. Practice putting them on and taking them off a few times as well. And the site points out that gags should never be used with an upset stomach or cold: The latter can lead to asphyxiation, and the former can cause the user to choke on vomit if they have to throw up.

For all of the pleasure and none of the unwanted pain, a good lubricant should always be in your kink toolbox. Lube makes any kind of penetration easier and, typically, allows you to play for longer and make sure everything is moving smoothly. Most lubricants are either water-based or silicone-based. Water-based lubes are the most versatile, and safe to use with latex condoms and silicone sex toys.

Silicone-based lubes are also condom safe and waterproof, but not always safe to use with silicone sex toys. Always avoid oil-based lubricants with condoms, as they can cause breakage. Plus, about the true meaning of kink. The Daily Dot receives payment for sponsored content.

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Dominant submissive toys

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