How to start hotwifing

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How to start hotwifing

Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Whose Idea to Start Hotwifing? Thread starter Galatea Start date Oct 4, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

Galatea New Member. Oct 4, 2 8 1. In your relationship, who broke the ice about hotwifing? How was it initially received? It's my biggest fantasy and I'd love to suggest it, but it is definitely nerve-wrecking as the woman in the relationship. Would love to hear your stories! Reactions: werekinky2NatAsmai and Ponderer Apr 21, 1, 1, Bluffton, SC.

Our Journey - this should answer your questions. Aug 7, 1, Tampa, FL. For us it started while dating in college 40 years ago - though it wasn't about how to start hotwifing a hot wife back then. I wasn't able to satisfy her sexually - not well endowed and cum after hardly entering her, but we were are madly in love and made the fantasy of her having sex with other men part of our foreplay. This continued for two years til we graduated - she never played out the fantasy. Then we both got our first jobs and moved to an apartment near the North Carolina coast.

How to start hotwifing

We continued to talk about sex with others and swinging became a favorite topic in and out of bed. Unexpectedly, a good looking, athletic local boy who hung around the apartment complex pool started flirting with Stacey and as their friendship evolved we invited him and a few friends into our home to watch football or us for a cookout. The flirting became physical - touching and eventually kissing not in my presence.

Stacey talked more and more about sex with others - and I mentioned that if she were serious, why not him. To make a long story short, she started dressing provocatively in his presence - no bra under her halter top or loose fitting dress. They would kiss and fondle one another in the kitchen when visiting. And one day, while still very much newlyweds, she asked me to run an errand for a couple of hours. That began our journey, initially into swinging but soon into cuckolding. Raised a family and enjoyed successful careers - very little drama along the way.

She's 61 and has a stronger sexual appetite today than in the past. Reactions: 6inchesMG and Rohit.

How to start hotwifing

Allen Amboy Couple. May 28, 1, 1, For us it was my suggestion. My wife was a virgin when we got married at 23 and For years I was the only man she ever fucked and she had no intention of fucking anyone else. Reactions: davelb Robert Smith Male. Mar 5, 2, 16, I met Elaine when I was 32 and she was We were both divorced with no .

How to start hotwifing

After dating for several months I really started liking her. I had done some swinging and wife sharing with my ex wife. I don't think that led to our divorce, but one never knows. I got Elaine to pose how to start hotwifing sexy Polaroid pics and she didn't seem to object like some women do.

For my birthday she surprised me with some lingerie photos done by a professional she had hired. I was more than pleased with that attitude. After about a year I decided to broach the idea of sharing her. Started with sex talk in the bedroom. While having sex she acted willing saying it might be fun, but nothing ever actually happened.

I knew for our relationship to go further I was going to have to press the issue to see if she! I kept telling her to pick out some guy she would like to fuck. I didn't care if it was old lover or friend. She said she could not approach someone about having sex with them if she really loved me. She told me if I would set it up she might try it once. Reactions: WarbirdUtwoscot and davelb SharingIsCaring Couple. Sep 23, 63 South of Spain. In our case it just happened, neither of use was planning or fantasizing about it. It happened while high on XTC with our friend. You case is quite unique in that's the female part of the couple that has those desires!

Mostly it's the other way around Also, it's not just that you want to be with two men in a 'regular' threesome, you crave to make him a cuckold that only gets to watch. Not everyone will like that! Some men, like myself, like to share, but we like to participate and have no need to feel humiliated or denied. I just read your introduction and it seems that he's ok bit being chastized and dominated, so I guess that part is covered Have you tried to ask him WHY he's not interested?

Reactions: gsxr Aug 7, 71 For us it started out with my wife telling about a fantasy about being watched while being naked - and a bath or something like that. I picked it up and expanded it with fantasies about other men looking at her and perhaps letting them touch her. This was only dirty talk while we where having sex. We both developed the fantasy and the fantasy eventually became a sort of a slut wife fantasy: I would dress her up and decide who could fuck her how to start hotwifing how.

Everything was only a fantasy at this point. Eventually I placed an ad online, found a guy, met with him and found him very decent and cool.

How to start hotwifing

I then texted my wife who was on vacation at the timethat I had found a guy and booked a hotel at a certain date. She was surprised and played reluctant, but she was also very turned on I suggest you start role playing in bed, use a dildo while sucking your husband and ask him if he thinks you can handle two cocks.

If he says yes or play along you are good to continue - if not you could try again at a later point. Reactions: Myhotwife. Mar 6, 1, 1 7, USA. Hubby wanted this for me, took two years of prodding.

How to start hotwifing How to start hotwifing

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How To Start Hotwifing