Spanking role play

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Did reading that word turn you on? If so, welcome to the club. Spanking was a nearly constant fixation of Victorian porn and is depicted in ancient unearthed carvings. According to a survey published in The Journal of Sexual Medicineroughly one-third of the 1, participants listed spanking or being spanked among their fantasies. The key is to be direct but non-confrontational.

Spanking role play

There are basically three ways they could react:. If they seem completely horrified, assure them you respect their limits, thank them for letting you confide in them, and let it go. Shift the conversation to things you both enjoy. If they seem surprised but receptive, explore the topic gently and patiently.

Talk about what it might might be like. Fantasize together…. Cap it at ten, even if they want more. It will give you something to look forward to. If this experience rocks your world, and theirs, the sky is the limit. Have fun exploring the varieties and limits of erotic spanking, including, but not limited to:.

Open palms deliver a delicious sting. Cupped palms give a heavier thud. Let your hand bounce off a few times, then follow through with the motion for more intensity. Twenty swats delivered in a steady rhythm is a sure toe curler.

Spanking role play

And some people love to be made to count the smacks to their ass. Out loud. If you really love it, you can invest in some high-quality spanking gear.

Spanking role play

Over the knee is traditional but the possibilities are endless. You can spank someone lying face down, either with legs together or spread apart. Other good options are on hands and knees, bent over the back of a chair, standing with palms against a wall, being forward from the waist to touch the floor… If you become truly devoted to spanking role play practice, you may wish to invest in a specialized piece of spanking furniture. You can heighten the intensity of the spanking experience with role playing. Naughty schoolgirls and Roman slaves are common spanking scenes. As long as it appeals to both of you, go for it.

I assure you, someone else already is. To be certain your play stays fun, observe the safety rules. Spanking is sexy. It makes people vulnerable, which increases intimacy. It releases endorphins and triggers blood flow to the sex organs. If it appeals to you, say so.

Spanking role play

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Spanking role play

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Spanking role play Spanking role play

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