How do you get a premium snapchat

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The premium part of snapchat is the fact that you charge money for it. It is not anything crazy. It is just a snapchat that has a premium. Premium means that you pay for something like when you buy a car, that car has a premium.

It has a monthly amount that you pay. Your premium snapchat has an that people pay to be added to it. It is not a different application. It is just the regular snapchat application. People just pay you to see your stories.

How do you get a premium snapchat

What everyone posts is completely up to them. But you just do whatever you enjoy doing. Premium Snapchat is nothing but a Snap chat with a subscribe button rather than having a add button. It is mostly used by popular figure, models, celebrities through whom they get paid for every view and screenshot they receive. Basically Premium Snapchat is a regular snapchat that you set private so that only your friends or certain people can see your content.

So you basically set it up as would your ordinary regular snap chat. You just adjust the settings to make it more private. A lot of models use this in order to protect their premium content so that people may pay them to get access to that. So it is more of a private snapchat. You just kind of set the setting in such a way that only certain people get to see it. Make a username.

Set all your stuff to my friends only. Go in settings and set view my story to my friends only. Also who can contact me to my friends only. Set everything to my friends only. That way people that you accept can view your story, can send you messages. Then you charge a premium; you can charge whatever amount you wish to view your story.

The premium part of snapchat is the fact that you charge people for it. What you can really do is, you can create two snap chat s. Sometimes we see in adult entertainers, some s get banned to stop users from subscribing their and content. It is basically a concept that is created by snapchat users to earn and make money. Users made it up.

How do you get a premium snapchat

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How do you get a premium snapchat How do you get a premium snapchat

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