Lesbian dirty stories

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My other half has a job that takes him abroad for weeks at a time, which leaves me on my own for longer than I want to be; she was on her own, having dumped her man who was by all s useless.

Lesbian dirty stories

We were both in need of company, so lesbian dirty stories became easy and relaxed with one another, having a lot in common; being of similar age, and laughing at the same things. It became obvious very quickly that our friendship was developing into something else. She was lighting fires within me that had lain dormant for many years. The heat of girl love that had not warmed me since university.

I thought all that was dead. Now Emily had come into my life and shown me that it it was not. The merest touch from her seem to ignite my inner self, the self that needed physical contact while Nathan was away on his business trips. There was no question of me wanting another man, but there came the inevitable moment when our eyes held one another for an eternity, before our lips entwined in that first long, passionate kiss. I felt her desire for me; it was good to be needed in that way, and to sense my juices already flowing as her hands caressed my body.

She needs no second invitation. Her fingers busy themselves unbuttoning my blouse, forcing it back over my shoulders. A flick of her fingers behind me and my bra falls away, leaving my breasts available to her lips and softly clenching teeth.

There comes a pain of exquisite sensuality. I instinctively clasp my hands behind her head and pull her close. My left nipple is closed between her tongue and teeth with an exquisite rolling sensation and the pain shoots down through a body that is crying out for her.

I feel her fingers undo the fastening on my skirt and slip it down, a skillful movement that gets rid of my panties at the same time as we slide from the couch to the floor. They are movements that betray much practice. I like feeling myself naked while she is lesbian dirty stories fully dressed and on top of me. The sensation of her clothes against my flesh makes it clear that she is in control. I like that. We get up and I take her hand and lead her upstairs, a mutual wanting hurrying both of us.

Lesbian dirty stories

We enter my bedroom, she pushes me back onto the bed and stands for a moment looking down at me. Suddenly I need her to do anything she wants. The longing in my eyes confirms my need to be controlled and used by her. She climbs on the bed and straddles my shoulders. She lifts her skirt. I become aware that she is wearing no panties in the second before my waiting mouth is engulfed by her wet desire. I feel myself getting lost under her skirt.

There is just me wanting lesbian dirty stories wet heat forced down in this delicious dark isolation. Her knees pin my shoulders to the bed, as her fingers twist in my hair to force my lesbian dirty stories deeper in. You know where I want it, girl. There is a sense of her growing frenzy as my tongue curls around her clit to take all that she has to offer. An insistent downward thrust tells me how much she wants it. Memories are re-awakened as her delicious girlscent closes the gap between my college youth and now.

I realise how much I have missed the taste of woman, and drowning in such a flow. I feel her hand reach back to my parted legs, fingers finding my wet wanting and slipping into me. I close my thighs to keep her hand exactly there, wanting her to go deeper into me while my tongue finds new ways to explore the woman she is.

There is a rising in the gyrations on my face, a frenzied downward thrusting to take all from me. My body rises to meet her probing fingers and we pulse together, fused in our mutual ecstasies. She picks up an innate sense of me, aware of my peak as it approaches and timing hers to match it precisely. My screams are drowned within her, as she takes all from me, driving deeper so I know nothing but her primal urge, only the pulsations that match my own as we explode as one, a single entity of lust for one another.

Held down beneath her demanding, I can see nothing, leaving only the touch, taste, scent and sound of what she is. She rolls sideways off me, but keeps my head clamped between her thighs, exactly where I need to be. I do not want to lose her taste just yet. I keep my tongue where it is, I am so needy of her, and she of me as I feel her rising again to meet my thrust.

She pulls me deep in once more, I want to drown this way with warm juices in my throat, forced to drink all that she is. Again we hit climax, then again. She knows how to bring me off time and again. It as if we have known one another for years. I feel the muscles of her thighs relax, and I disengage my head from her clamped thighs, and find my way to her waiting mouth. Lesbian dirty stories moist flow of her is carried on my tongue as she tastes her own need of me.

Our kiss is long and deep and unending. I cradle myself softly on her shoulder, held in a warm embrace. I let it rest there, and her hand finds mine, and squeezes it tenderly. We lie consumed for the long afternoon, a haze of mutual climaxes that meld one into another until we end in an entwined knot of sleepy arms and legs, unwilling to let go, too exhausted to do more. This story was originally published on MyErotica. Leave a comment. Francesca Anderssen. Listen Now. The Anal Episode Sealed Section. What's Your ? She leans down and kisses my neck. I look up at her and nod with eager anticipation.

I open my arms to her. Image via Getty. My senses have become a single entity, aware of only her. There can be no letting go of this, now that we have found it together. They hit one after another, in rapid succession. She kisses me softly. Tags: erotic mm-feature sealed-section. True Crime.

Lesbian dirty stories

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Lesbian dirty stories

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