Pee fetish stories

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Forgot your password? I don't usually write of my fetishes but my therapist says I should try writing down anything that I keep deeply to myself as if I were telling my story to a stranger. She claims it will help to better sort through my feelings of anxiety. Whatever, I pay her a shit ton of money so I'll do what she says. I was raised in a religious home and anything sexual was always demonized.

Pee fetish stories

My own mother didn't even tell me how to deal with my period when it started at age She just said read a book about it and don't ask her. Yeah right. Was not allowed to. I didn't get a boyfriend until I was in college and no longer ruled by my strict parents.

They don't know their daughter like they think they do though. I developed some fetishes as a teen and used them to satisfy my sexual urges in my bedroom right down the hall from theirs. Even being married now, I still indulge in them. The one I love the most is my pee fetish.

Pee fetish stories

To be specific, I love listening to women peeing in public restrooms. Watching people pee is a turn on as well but the most arousing thing to me is to just listen and let my mind fill in the blanks image wise.

Pee fetish stories

Maybe I am bisexual. I am aroused by the female body but not interested in romantic relationships with women. I remember the day hearing a woman pee intrigued me. I was 14, dealing with sexual urges, a shit ton of emotions and peer pressure, confused and angry as hell. Janice, a friend of my mom from church came over one day for dinner.

Pee fetish stories

They had some wine as well. After I finished I went to my room as always. Some time later, Janice came upstairs to use the bathroom which was just a few doors from me. She rushed in and peed so forcefully that I could hear it and for some reason it aroused me. I turned my tv down and stood by my doorway and just listened as her incredible stream seemed to go forever. I had never heard anyone pee like that, not even my dad and never thought a woman was capable of doing this. I guess it was my perception of her as a holy and proper religious lady being shattered that intrigued me the most.

A lady should sit and tinkle quietly, as Pee fetish stories was taught from a young age. Here was a lifelong religious matriarch breaking the rules and having a caveman-like piss in our bathroom. Seeing her come out and literally say to me "damn I forgot how wine runs through me" while giggling as she headed back down to the family room made my young mind spin in circles of confusion, intrigue and intense arousal.

Most of all, though, I was envious of her. Envious that she was so Free in her lack of shame to just take a nice loud piss like she wanted to. Free to be herself while I was locked down and discouraged from expressing myself, being a good girl as I was told.

Free to be her own woman. It made me think of what I was missing.

Pee fetish stories

As the months went on, I came to realize that Janice was a very sexual woman. I noticed the subtle flirt and sexual energy that always existed between her and her husband. They had 5 kids so obviously they were having a lot of sex. This sexual admiration and tension was absent from my parents interactions with each other. They just weren't that into each other and that to this day saddens me. My husband and I have a very good sex life, even with a 2 year old and 4 year old.

I couldn't imagine life otherwise, thanks to Janice lol. So, back to my fetish. I do finance billing in a quiet office. Things are often slow enough that I have time to indulge. I go to the restroom right before lunch when it's the busiest and I sit in the stall for a few minutes just listening as random women come in to pee It's the highlight of my usually boring days. Over time, I've come to know many ladies by their restroom etiquette. Some of them hiss, some pee softly, some pee pee fetish stories Janice, some fart while peeing, others talk on the phone while going, never understood that myself but anyway some do it.

Some aim their stream at the porcelain to keep quiet, some don't wipe, some don't wash hands, a few don't even flush on occasion. Such pigs us women can be sometimes. In order to get horny enough to masturbate, I only need to hear either a strong power stream or that beautiful hissing sound we make. I can always get off to Lisa, the director of my department. She's a hot middle aged blonde. How I would love to look like her when I hit She's into fitness and I haven't ran since high school soccer. Sad, I know, but I'm a working mother and a wife, so there.

Anyway she usually pees pretty hard but last Friday, I was in a stall and she rushed in, back from a late lunch. I heard her voice as she was talking to someone as she was coming in. Guess she had one too many drink refills. I heard her heels flopping quickly into the stall right next to me and knew I was about to get something good. Her skirt comes up an I hear her feet get into position. After a little dribble I hear her pee rush pee fetish stories the toilet.

Pee fetish stories

It's music to my ears. The sound takes over the entire restroom, almost deafening. The strongest yet I have pee fetish stories from her. It went on for a long time at full power before slowing. I was rubbing myself at this point, getting nice and wet. Then she wiped, flushed and came out of the stall. As I continue to rub away, I thought to myself how she might scream in pleasure if I were to eat her out.

Then if while doing so, she starts peeing on my face. I've always fantasized about her since first meeting her. Damn did it feel good. But today in particular was a gold mine for me and the reason I felt the need to write this down now.

There was a board meeting down by the HR department. I don't usually use the restroom down in that area but I sure as hell did today.

Pee fetish stories

I sat for 15 minutes listening to woman after woman come in and do their business and it was so hot. Most of them, about a dozen or so, were from affiliate companies and I didn't know them. I loved hearing all of them but 3 in particular made me so wet I thought I had someone else's vagina. One woman came in with a few others and they were all chatting like us girls often do in restrooms.

The others must have just primped themselves in the mirror, they never used the toilets. One of them did go into a stall as the others left and she started peeing lightly. I was disappointed at first as soft tinkles don't interest me but she just kept going, like forever. After probably a minute I started to get intrigued at her capacity.

Pee fetish stories

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