Cuckold ideas

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Looking for hot couples near? Tell cuck some of the crazy storiesideas, toys, or people that you fantasize about. Make it a general rule that he must clean you up with his tongue every time he cums. More generally, always make cuck lick his cum up after any orgasm. Should cuck only be allowed to cum in cuckold ideas condom, prick the end and make cuck consume the contents in entirety.

Making cuck a cum guzzler will prove valuable for your future Bulls and lovers and it will be easy to eventually train him to beg for their cum as well as his own. Train him to stop, force, or ruin his orgasms through your commands. Make sure to ruin his orgasms frequently as he will remain excited and in an excited state of mind to please you sexually. As the plug slips in and out, it will give cuck a good self-fucking. If it does slip completely out, bring cuck to cuckold ideas locking public bathroom and make him suck it while you roughly spank him for being so loose.

Force him to take pictures for compliance whether discretely in stalls, bathrooms or more adventurous in the open locker room. Train him to cum while he is coated in your nectar tease him or have him tease himself so that he is close before the golden shower and then allow him the ability to only cum while you are peeing on him if you finish before he cums, he is not allowed to do so!

If pleased, allow him to cum this way and only this way going forward.

Cuckold ideas

Give cuck orders at random times while he is at home, at work, etc. Allow him a time limit to respond back depending on his job, but push those limits…forcing cuck to take pictures are a good way to demonstrate his compliance with your orders. Simple things like ordering him to wear certain garments to work and photo his compliance.

Cuckold ideas

Having him spank himself in a public stall, force certain or random objects inside his own boy pussy throughout the day, forcing him to make a homemade leash while away, ordering him to coat his boy clit in toothpaste or ben gay throughout the day, take his temperature hourly with an anal thermometer and provide you the readings, etc. Should hairs be found, they should be plucked individually or apply a healthy amount of Nair…both will cause pain and ultimately train cuck to make sure he is always presentable. Of note, cuck should be disciplined and punished for leaking without permission.

Make cuck insert all of the cubes into his boy cunt. Have cuck return and see what happens by the time you allow him to leave the establishment in terms of a wet spot formation:. For further degradation, order cuck to the bar for a drink or back to the bathroom so you can see the reactions from other people.

Cuckold ideas him to keep his tail wagging or spank him roughly if not pleased with his efforts to humiliate himself.

Cuckold ideas

Video or photograph him and post-compliance on site. After finishing, force cuck to wait patiently for you to inspect his work and decide if it is time to untie his sink leash. Clearly, you should control the remote and the settings and at your discretion, you can create both an embarrassing and humiliating situation as you wish…sitting on hard stools at a bar may create louder sounds and deeper humiliation:.

Do not let him have any sexual satisfaction thereafter. As a surprise, force cuck to put a condom on. Tell him that you are not ready to let him cum inside you except on very very special occasions. Should you allow cuck to cum in his condom, make sure to feed him the contents immediately thereafter or save in the fridge or freezer for later use! Make him ask your permission to do so and proceed to make him beg to be allowed the privilege of penetrating you.

Always make him thank you before and afterward. While at home the door must be open at all times for your derogatory comments when you choose to deliver them:. Force cuck to dress as normal without intentionally hiding it and as part of normalcy, cuck should be required to shower as normal.

Make him beg to taste you, but only with your permission. Should you choose, order him to orally pleasure you through your panties. Forcing cuck to be in chastity while doing so is even better! Require reapplication every hour throughout the day. Take cuck to an adult toy store to purchase toys and cuckold ideas cuck to keep the thong visible the entire time.

Have cuck keep a chart as well as photograph compliance. Punishment should be administered for disobedience, lack of creativity or small items utilized. Always post these on fetlife or similar site. Use it as skin conditioner… 3 times on each foot, have him spread it around and lick them clean after each orgasm. When you give the command he must cum within 15 seconds or a period that you are confident he will fail to do so and cuckold ideas punish cuck when he fails to do so.

Drive by and maintain uncomfortable amounts of time beside trucks where there is easy visibility into the car where cuck is masturbating.

Cuckold ideas

Require cuck to wear a temporary tramp stamp and make it visible in public when he bends or you intentionally lift his shirt. Mark cuck on his chest, back, legs, etc. Accompany cuck to a yoga class requiring him to the front and forcing him to wear a tight shirt…almost every yoga pose will cause marked body parts to be visible. Make cuck change and shower in the locker room whereby others will clearly see these markings. This can be done privately or better yet out back, at fetish parties, etc. Tie it off in front of the sink while he does the dishes at home and various other places while in public to the car, to a cage or another slave at a fetish party, etc.

Ride cuck cuckold ideas as your ponyboy …roughly spanking with a riding crop while doing so. Cuckold ideas him tied to the bed or cuckold ideas compromising positions escalates the eroticism. His cum will soak through to the pillow…require cuck to continue wearing the cum soaked panties and sleep on the cum covered pillow where his cum leaked through.

Tie a cord from the be over the end of the bed and attach lead weights. There will be severe paddling or other penalties for each bead that slips out. This can also be done in a standing position…do not allow cuck to cum and if he does, roughly punish him in a manner that you choose. Threaten cuck that you are going to speak with these former girlfriends about his perverted fantasies. Enter a tattoo parlor and make derogatory suggestions about the types of tattoos cuck should have applied or piercings that would be appropriate.

If an advanced stage, force cuck to get a tattoo or piercing! Have him collect in an ice tray or cup and freeze it. This will enable you to utilize it later to tease and torment him, whether feeding it to him, coating his body, etc. It will be a mind fuck when you are going to bring it into play and it is easy to warm in the microwave. A few other ideas…Insert frozen cum cubes in your pussy and force him to orally service and please you…cubes will melt and he will be servicing you and eating his cum simultaneously.

Order cuck to put a condom on it, and practice sucking and plugging his boy pussy with it. Order him to video-record his practice to verify his obedience and for further humiliation and discipline, force cuck to suck and clean the strap-on after he has fucked himself.

Cuckold ideas

This will teach him to be clean when you fuck him. Order cuck to wear a vibrating cock ring where you control the remote wireless. While at a bar or restaurant keep it vibrating until cuck cums in his pants creating a visible and embarrassing wet spot. Great to do beneath a table cloth but then order him to the restroom to clean up or order him to walk slowly from the bar or restaurant when finished…most people will not notice a wet spot, but the mental fuck will be amazing…he will feel like he is walking through the bar or restaurant naked.

If you can do so discretely, force him to cum while you are both sitting at the bar and this way you can see the wetness forming as he is actually cumming. You can then use this as a subtle leash as you wish…tug on, lead around, force into a kneeling position, etc. Have him text you the temperatures and post a photographed chart to the internet. Cuckold ideas cuck fails to cum, roughly spank him for 5 minutes, then try the full process again until he gets it right!

Do not give him permission to play or even get hard…if cuck cannot comply, proceed to give him harsh punishments for disobedience and until he is no longer erect. Add a knife to play for heightened anxiety from cuck. Spanking cuck over your knee can be simple and incredibly humiliating. Specifically, point out men with bulges in their pants if visible.

Tell cuck you like men with big cocks and that his lil boy clit is inadequate for you. For deep humiliation do exactly that! Preventing cuck from being hard during periods of sexuality i. The situation creates cuckold ideas mind fuck here. The bull can shove his superior cum coated cock inside the cage for cuck to worship and clean. Allow cuck to continue to tease himself manipulating his boy clit, but not allowing an orgasm while you are nearly split in two by your Bull.

Take this opportunity, to reach under the bed and hand cuck a cheap and whorish blow up doll. You and your Bull then order cuck to cum, but only doing so as he fucks the blow-up doll.

Cuckold ideas

Make cuck beg to consume each mouthful and make him swish the salty superior fluid around in his mouth before allowing it down his slutty throat. When cuck returns, make him sit there for at least a half hour in anticipation of what order will come next. Everyone should ridicule and degrade him while doing so.

Cuckold ideas

Force cuck to worship your ass and lube your ass with his spit prior to insertion. Later that day, when your Bull arrives and removes the plug, order cuck to suck the plug clean. You both should cuckold ideas cuck while forcing him to next suck your Bull to hardness. Both you and your Bull should make derogatory and degrading comments about cuck. Order cuck to wear them while you are fucked and pleasured by your superior Bull.

Take a dab of lotion and perform slow circular motions to the underside of his boy clit. If cuck starts to cum at any point, immediately remove the pressure and ruin his orgasm, letting his cum dribble from his boy clit. If it drops, spank and crop cuck until he is welted and order him to start over again. When successful, order cuck to lick the golf ball clean of his sweat.

Make cuck video or photograph his compliance and punish him if he is not creative or uses a small object:. Require cuck to fill the glove, including the fingers, with marbles. Order him to tie the glove off at the wrist and also tie off the middle finger at its base. The of marbles in the hand part should not be too great as to be bulky as these will not be inserted, but the middle finger should be very full.

Require cuck to wear tight panties and tight shorts cuckold ideas it to hold it in place, or better yet, have cuck bound with stretchy veterinary tape or elastic bandage. Order cuck to run errands or chores like this. Different sensations may be had by using beans or rice instead of marbles. The hard seat will press it deep inside his cuckold ideas pussy and make it incredibly uncomfortable for him.

Whenever you allow cuck to masturbate, he is to soak up his cum with a fresh tampon and insert into his boy pussy. Force cuck to beg you to allow him to cum. When you are satisfied, order cuck to remove the fingers from his boy cuckold ideas and suck them clean while he cums. Then make cuck lick up his cum from wherever it was deposited and order cuck to describe the taste of his boy pussy and his eagerly deposited thick, salty, sticky cum. Fuck his boy pussy with a dildo while you order him to play with himself. Force him to cum quickly into a condom. Turn the condom inside out and place it on the same dildo.

Proceed to fuck cuck again spreading his own cum into his boy pussy. After you are pleased, remove the dildo and make him lick it clean of his combined juices. Order him to use both hands to pull his cheeks apart inviting the dildo to penetrate his boy pussy easily. Tease and torment him about what a dirty slut he is bent over spreading his boy pussy so he can be filled. This is great for when your black lover has deposited cum deep inside you, and cuck cannot get all of it out with his tongue.

Alleys, parks, yards, etc. Video him doing so and post on site. For disobedience, force cuck to use the backyard to pee for an entire day, weekend, etc. Frequently dress cuck up as a slut or a French maid and force him to perform chores around the house. Have cuck wear bright red lipstick when dressed in the above manners. Threaten cuck that you will invite friends or a small group over to the house while he is dressed and performing in this manner.

Actually do invite others over if close within the lifestyle. Let him almost kiss it but pull away, make him beg and come up with creative things he would do to be allowed to do so. At some point, take a break while teasing or tormenting cuck, put some worn panties over his face and leave the room for a while and let cuck think about what else you might do. In private, cuck should do so directly and in public, he should do so in a container in the bathroom and then dump the cum onto his food at the table.

Cuckold ideas

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